ExaGrid Named a Finalist for the 2021 Storage Awards

Tiered Backup Storage Company Nominated for Six Categories at “The Storries XVIII”

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BackupSolutionExaGrid®, the industry’s only Tiered Backup Storage solution, today announced that it has been nominated in six categories for the 18th annual Storage Awards. ExaGrid has become a finalist for Enterprise Backup Hardware Company of the Year, Storage Innovators of the Year, Immutable Storage Vendors, Storage Performance Optimisation Company of the Year, Storage Product of the Year, and Storage Company of the Year. Voting to determine the winner in each category is underway now and closes on September 8, 2021. Winners of this year’s awards will be announced at “The Storries XVIII” awards ceremony held in London on September 22, 2021.

“We are honored to be nominated in six categories,” said Graham Woods, ExaGrid’s Vice President of International Systems Engineering. “It is also exciting that The Storries awards ceremony will be held in person this year, as the pandemic put a halt to the festivities in 2020. It will be refreshing to celebrate with other industry leaders and see familiar faces in London this September.”

Earlier this year, ExaGrid released a new line of Tiered Backup Storage appliances, including its largest appliance to date, the EX84. The largest ExaGrid system, comprised of 32 EX84 appliances, can take in up to a 2.69PB full backup with 43PB of logical data, making it the largest system in the industry. In addition to the increased storage capacity, the new EX84 is 33% more rack efficient than the previous EX63000E model. ExaGrid’s EX line of appliances are up for the “Storage Product of the Year” category.

The nomination in the “Immutable Storage Vendors” category is a nod to ExaGrid’s Retention Time-Lock feature which allows organizations to set up a time-lock period that delays the processing of any delete requests in the Retention Tier, as that tier is not network facing and not accessible to hackers. The combination of a non-network-facing tier, a delayed deletion for a period of time, and immutable objects that cannot be changed or modified, are the elements of the ExaGrid Retention Time-Lock solution that allow ExaGrid customers the ability to recover data after a ransomware attack.

“Many organizations are shoring up their infrastructure in anticipation of ransomware attacks,” said Bill Andrews, ExaGrid’s President and CEO. “ExaGrid’s Retention Time-Lock feature does not prevent an organization from being attacked, but can help mitigate the effects of an attack by allowing organizations to recover the most recently backed up data that was likely deleted from or encrypted on the primary storage and other network-facing storage. We are pleased to be nominated in the Immutable Storage Vendors category and to receive recognition for this feature,” he said.

ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage – Built for Backup

ExaGrid provides Tiered Backup Storage with a front-end disk-cache Landing Zone, the Performance Tier, which writes data directly to disk for the fastest backups, and restores directly from disk for the fastest restores and VM boots. The long-term retention data is tiered to a deduplicated data repository, the Retention Tier, to reduce the amount of retention storage and resulting cost. This two-tiered approach provides the fastest backup and restore performance with lowest cost storage efficiency.

In addition, ExaGrid provides a scale-out architecture where appliances are simply added as data grows. Each appliance includes processor, memory and network ports, so as data grows, all resources required are available to maintain a fixed-length backup window. This scale-out storage approach eliminates expensive forklift upgrades, and allows for mixing appliances of different sizes and models in the same scale-out system, which eliminates product obsolescence while protecting IT investments up front and over time.

About ExaGrid

ExaGrid provides Tiered Backup Storage with a unique disk-cache Landing Zone, long-term retention repository, and scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. The retention repository offers the lowest cost for long-term retention. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture includes full appliances and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence. ExaGrid offers the only two-tiered backup storage approach with a non-network-facing tier, delayed deletes, and immutable objects to recover from ransomware attacks. Visit us at exagrid.com or connect with us on LinkedIn. See what our customers have to say about their own ExaGrid experiences and learn why they now spend significantly less time on backup in our customer success stories.

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