Geo Slam: CEO of XCX Productions takes Success Coaching to A New Level with His Unique Spirituality and Emotional Mastery Program

HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2021 / One major problem CEOs, big-time entrepreneurs, celebrities, and the likes, battle with is quality time! They barely spend quality time with their family and loved ones, or on hobbies and things that give their life meaning, they never have time to live in the moment. XCX Productions unique spirituality and emotional mastery program teaches you to get in touch with your inner self, quiet the mind, and connect with your spirit so that you can have mastery over your emotions and live above stress. They reform the art of meditation and mindfulness that has now become too common, so much so that many people just find it hard to incorporate it into their daily routine. Introducing fresh meditation and mindfulness techniques throughout the coaching process, clients are carried along until they get to the point where they can hear their inner voice clearly and have a higher sense of knowing. No more guessing or wondering what next to do, you just know! The emotional mastery and spirituality program solves the question of balance in the lives of busy leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers around the world, it creates an empowering mind shift so that there can be a balance between personal life, business life, and philanthropy. The program also teaches you to explore your inner being so that your leadership and every aspect of your life can now be successfully structured from it.

This unique method puts clients in a new frame of mind and catapults them to a whole new level so that their capabilities and inner resources are enhanced and they operate from a new state of being. Being in this new state of being influences important things like decision-making and leadership. The program is designed for exceptional emotional and practical transformation, only a few clients are selected every year so the coaching process is highly intensive and extremely effective. 

CEO of XCX Productions, International Multi-Platinum certified music producer, and success coach Geo Slam has worked deep in the entertainment industry, this has given him insight into the world of elite artists, to study how they are capable of performing at their best even when they are under extreme pressure, stress, and sometimes even terrible inhuman circumstances. Using a unique customized 4-dimensional comprehensive coaching program for executives, business leaders, elite peak performers, and high-end achievers he designed, XCX Productions achieves their coaching goals of leading clients to a life above stress, anxiety, and pressure. The CEO being a living proof of this unique method, they’ve been able to replicate the success and change the lives of other leaders and CEOs around the globe. It’s a matter of taking full control of your life and moving through life, daily functioning from a different plane without the usual pressure. 

‘Small changes in your daily habits will help you reach a ‘Higher Level’ of life quality overall. Don’t be ashamed to Explore your ‘Inner Being’, listen to it, and trust it.’ – CEO of XCX Productions.

The CEO Geo Slam is a certified professional Neuro-linguistics programmer and timeline coach certified by the International Association for Professional Coaching. He believes that every person needs to be in contact with their spirit and learn some tactics that will help them boost clarity and not just regain but also feed energy into your spirit. This is exactly how XCX Productions operates, their unique coaching method is an opportunity to boost the productivity of leaders everywhere and change the way leaders everywhere approach their daily lives.

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XCX Productions is owned by Swedish Record Producer and Songwriter Geo Slam who is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Hollywood, Los Angeles. They have worked with many of the World’s Best-Selling Recording Artists and have contributed to an array of recognizable Songs to Popular Culture. They have been involved in the production of various popular Albums & Singles that cumulatively have sold over 30 Million Copies World-Wide.

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