Halberd Corporation Successfully Establishes Disease Eradication Proof-of-Concept – “Never Before Accomplished”

A Major Step Towards the Elimination of Multiple Infectious Diseases and Possible Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease/PTSD/CTE

JACKSON CENTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Halberd Corporation (OTC PINK:HALB) establishes “proof of concept” taking a major step towards the elimination of multiple infectious diseases, such as, malaria, tuberculosis, sepsis, meningitis, and pandemics, among others, by successfully eliminating E. Coli bacteria through the use of its patent-pending laser emissive energy exposure technique. Recently, at Youngstown State University (YSU) and Arizona State University (ASU), the bacteria was mixed with a metallic nanoparticle complex, created through Halberd’s patent-pending process, designed to bind with the E. coli cells prior to exposing the mixture to laser energy. The testing, conducted by Dr. William G. Sturrus, Chair of the Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Earth Sciences Department at Youngstown State University, verified what is believed to be the first time a tuned laser has been successfully used to eradicate disease antigens.

Mitchell S. Felder, M.D., the co-inventor of this innovative technology, and the Chief Technology Officer of Halberd Corporation stated, “More than one out of four people on earth are destined to die from an infectious disease. Imagine a world where there is no threat from any infectious disease: no Covid-19, no malaria, no tuberculosis, no sepsis, no meningitis, no pandemics. The successful experimentation we have conducted in collaboration with Youngstown State University (YSU) and Arizona State University (ASU), may serve as the first step to an elegant solution to these worldwide tragedies.”

“By implementing our patent-pending extra-corporeal laser methodology, combined with the two granted U.S. patents of Halberd, along with the multiple provisional patent applications recently filed by the Ference law firm with co-inventors Dr. William Sturrus (YSU) and Dr. Qiang Chen (ASU), eradicating infectious diseases could become a reality.”

Felder continued, “Our method envisions utilizing a dialysis variation in which blood or spinal fluid are briefly removed from a patient, through a catheter, and then combined with antibodies which contain a metallic complex. The bodily fluid (blood, CSF: Cerebral Spinal Fluid) is then exposed to a laser or radio frequency (RF) energy, which kills the infectious pathogen. The cleansed (pathogen-/infection-free) bodily fluid is returned to the patient. Obviously, there will never be successful resistance by any infectious bacteria, virus or mutations, fungus or amoeba to a laser. This is entirely accomplished extracorporeally and without exposing the body to the effects of a nano-laser.”

William A. Hartman, Halberd’s Chairman, President & CEO, stated, “This is a clear breakthrough in the eradication of disease. Our extensive review of medical research reports reveals no other successful use of a nano-laser for pathogen eradication. Over the next few weeks, we will apply what we learned in these E. coli experiments to eliminate from Cerebral Spinal Fluid the disease antigens comprising Alzheimer’s Disease and PTSD. In parallel, we will be conducting the initial RF exposure disease-elimination experiments, now that we have secured a more powerful RF generator. We expect our RF test results to mirror those displayed during our laser tests. This will be closely followed by proof-of-concept testing of our patent-pending Chemical Bonding Process. Having alternative treatment methods will offer health care professionals the flexibility to select the most suitable approach for each patient, disease condition and environment.”

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