Introducing XioGuard – the Ultimate Managed Security Service for 360 Degree Cybersecurity Coverage

TUALATIN, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CloudSecurity–How does the enterprise efficiently respond to threats (thereby reducing risk) to common attacks without breaking the bank? The answer is XioGuard, the managed security service for 360-degree cybersecurity coverage. With XioGuard, lack of visibility and siloed tools transform into complete visibility of the entire attack surface.

The three primary pain points that cybersecurity professionals struggle with today are:

  1. Lack of visibility and siloed tools
  2. Inefficient detection and response
  3. Expensive operations and security stack

These are the pain points that the XioGuard service addresses. XioGuard protects the entire attack surface, increases performance, reduces cost, and simplifies operations. XioGuard utilizes an Open XDR, which is “Everything Detection and Response.” Anything less than everything doesn’t deliver on a true promise of XDR and doesn’t address the pain points of lack of visibility, siloed tools, and inefficient detection and response.

Brian Page, Xiologix CTO, explains, “XioGuard provides our clients an Open XDR, which can ingest and correlate logs from any source, while enabling analysts with an entire suite of tools that eliminates alert fatigue, allowing them to focus on actionable events within their environment and reducing time to discovery.”

All of the security tools in an enterprise were never designed to work with each other, and their data was never designed to interoperate. That is why normalization is so essential. Normalization and enrichment are necessary for AI to work at scale. Correlation of alerts and signals into incidents and responding holistically is the analytical outcome, but this is only possible through XioGuard’s open integrations and rigorous normalization and enrichment.

Packages start at $1000 per month. Learn more about XioGuard at:

About Xiologix: Xiologix is a leading provider of innovative information technology (IT) solutions serving corporate and public-sector customers. We provide technology solutions – including hardware, software, and services – to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. Our expertise includes enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, security, storage and resource management, identity management and business continuity. Xiologix is headquartered in the Portland, OR area with sales and engineering offices throughout the western region. For additional information call (888) 492-6843 or visit


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