It’s All About the Pitch Deck! Meet Ari Kohan, The Startup Secret Weapon To Securing Venture Capital

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Raising money as a startup is a daunting task. The most successful startups are often those burning the most cash, with each passing day adding stress onto their need to fundraise. At the heart of convincing investors to take a chance on a company is a unique, concise, and eye-opening pitch deck. Ari Kohan, founder of 50Proof has raised over $1 billion in venture capital for businesses to date, by bringing “stubborn clarity and focus to founders’ pitch decks.” Ari has made a major difference in the lives and growth trajectory of many businesses, from small-scale startups to billion-dollar corporations.

Ari describes himself as “stage and industry agnostic,” meaning he jumps in to help entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life seek venture capital. “Our specialty is taking overly complex ideas and distilling them into a bold thought that captures investor attention,” says Ari. He takes an innovative modern approach that turns the pitch deck from a basic presentation to a secret weapon.

Ari works one-on-one with founders to help them define and get their vision on paper, discover what makes them tick, and redefine why an investor should care. He takes a series of intimate discussions and builds conversational insights into a presentation that ideally will raise millions of dollars. Past clients have even referred to these personal and collaborative sessions as “pitch deck therapy”.

The process starts with a deep-dive into the client’s situation and what their specific needs are. Ari digs into every nook and cranny, poses every question an investor might ask, and uncovers gaps in the storyline before an investor gets an opportunity. His job, as he puts it, is to get investors excited about the opportunity while avoiding any confusion. Ari does all the work himself; it is an all-encompassing service that takes the idea and information from the brain of each client and turns it into a fully polished pitch deck.

Ari has worked with huge organizations like the World Health Organization, helping them raise funds from the Government of France, as well as corporations like Microsoft and Discover, and hundreds of smaller companies.

Ari has become well known for his pitch deck approach and his amazing results, having taught courses to South Korean startups at KOTRA LA and recently lectured to the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Association.

Client’s describe Ari as a unique talent and expert in his craft, referring to their experience as priceless. He has been called “The Michael Jordan of pitch decks,” and described as “an adviser/founder/partner/tech genius rolled all in one…your MVP.” Ari goes above and beyond for clients because he believes in them. He has seen so many new businesses with amazing ideas, innovations and new ventures spring up during the pandemic, giving him high hopes for the future of the economy.

Going forward Ari looks to diversify into rethinking startup investment as well. “In 2022, I hope to join hands with diverse colleagues and create more open pathways for startup funding. I aim to provide an open door for all great ideas, not just those with the right connections or business school alumni networks to tap into. I look forward to connecting potential portfolio companies with helpful contacts across countless industries-facilitating new customers, partners, and mentors in the process,” says Ari.

Starting in business at age 14 and managing over $500K in sales by the time he was 16, Ari eventually pursued a degree in Business Economics from UCLA and has paved his own way in the business world. Finding his niche and passion, he knows how to get results and is one-of-a-kind in the industry. Connect with Ari Kohan on his website and social media to see more about what his clients have to say, and experience for yourself the difference in your business trajectory he can make by building your next pitch deck.


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