Leading Referral Marketing Platform Naxum Releases Latest YouTube Video on Multi-Level Marketing

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2021 / For nearly four years now, Naxum’s CEO Ben Dixon has provided people with helpful video resources related to new developments and conversations in the world of Multi-Level Marketing. The latest video released on July 6th, 2021 is installment #199 of the ongoing series MLMMonday. In this video, Naxum’s Ben Dixon starts a conversation about how companies and brands can create freedom for their biggest fans. In the world of referral marketing, these ‘fans’ can represent a number of different figures within your company structure. They can be customers participating in a rewards program who actively encourage others to shop with your company. In a direct sales or multi-level marketing setting, these fans can participate at a deeper level and even enroll in your business opportunity.

One of the major themes introduced in the video discusses how a company’s culture can facilitate a level of freedom for your top leaders to thrive in a personally sustainable manner. Company leaders must consider the expected day-to-day activities of their team, and whether or not there is a system in place that encourages things like simplified onboarding and recruiting processes for new members to follow. Naxum’s Ben Dixon then introduces the basic tenants of how executives can develop a platform that encourages a system-dependent culture to create personal freedom.

S.P.E.E.D refers to the system which Naxum has created to help companies create a lasting structure for viral growth. This system is designed to provide the necessary platform for people working in MLM environments, while ensuring day-to-day operations are running efficiently, to continue to grow even in if a specific leader is absent. S.P.E.E.D stands for Share, Prepare, Enroll, Elevate, Duplicate. By incorporating this type of system, companies can help ensure a path for their biggest and most valuable fans of their brand in their role with the company, rather than burning out or only maintaining a short-term relationship.

When incorporating the principles of S.P.E.E.D, companies must consider how it feels for their members to ‘Share’ their company story to engage prospective customers. Are the platforms in place to easily ‘Present’ the companies story? What are members expected to do to ‘Enroll’ people? How are they ‘Elevating’ the newest team members with further training? And can this process be ‘Duplicated’ in a sustainable manner? All of these concepts are introduced in Naxum’s latest video, and will also be discussed in further detail at an upcoming seminar scheduled in August.

About Naxum

Naxum was created by Rodd Kirby as a one-stop-shop platform providing all custom built-in marketing tools required to achieve real duplication and success. In 2010, Ben Dixon joined the Naxum Team and expanded the Naxum platform to include done-for-you social media tools, text messaging, video email, and eventually commission tracking and shopping software. These days, the team at Naxum has expanded to develop predictive action platforms that literally ‘suggest’ what your members do in any given moment, as if a top leader was sitting beside them. This consolidation of marketing and commission tracking has helped Naxum facilitate the entire needs of their clients using a single platform. To learn more, visit https://www.naxum.com/Naxum-History.php.

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