Legend Capital continues to be optimistic about technological innovation, with great opportunities in tech investment

HONG KONG, Jul 15, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – On July 8-9, 2021, Richard Li, the President of Legend Capital, attended the 10th Private Equity Investment Summit Forum held by Noah Holdings and delivered a speech on the topic of technological innovation, sharing his views on information technology, biotechnology and new energy, as well as the long-term prospects.

Major technological innovations and breakthroughs are taking place in vertical markets in the era of technology. In addition, the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035 pointed out that it is necessary to improve the national innovation system to strengthen scientific and technological capabilities. Driven by favorable national policies, technology investment has great potentials. As an investment institution, Legend Capital will continue to focus on technological innovation in the next two decades.

Richard Li, the President of Legend Capital, said: “From my point of view, the development, breakthroughs and aggregation of new technologies in different vertical fields are jointly promoting the rapid development of various industries. In addition, policy support has increased, and the revitalization of the country with science and technology has risen to national strategic importance. When Legend Capital looks for investment targets, in addition to technological innovation, it is also very important to identify application and value creation under various scenarios.”

Legend Capital focuses on information technology, biotechnology and new energy, and believes that there are great investment opportunities within each of these innovation driven areas.

In the aspect of information technology, the intergenerational improvement of computing power promotes the exponential change in information technology. General artificial intelligence will be integrated with neuro-science to realize human-computer dialogue. Factors such as the ubiquitous integration of computing and communication power will accelerate the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the future.

As for energy technology, new energy will trigger a new round of energy revolution. China must adopt technology-driven means to achieve the goals of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality.”

In addition, synthetic biotechnology will lead to new production modes. As biotechnology and information technology are merging rapidly, substances, no matter whether they exist in nature or not, could be generated by means of combining biotechnological advancement and data-driven artificial intelligence prowess on the back of surging computing power. In the future, synthetic biotechnology would enable production through biological manufacturing in a carbon-free or low-carbon way.

Legend Capital focuses on the integration of diversified technologies to accelerate the development of all scientific and technologic scenarios. Its investment covers cloud service, network security, health care, innovative consumption, etc., and include cases like Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI), Zuoyebang, Wish (NASDAQ: WISH), Galaxy, Pony,AI, Huice, etc.

The core business of Legend Capital is early-stage Venture Capital and expansion-stage Growth Capital investment. Legend Capital is now managing USD and RMB funds with a total AUM of US$8bn, and focuses on innovative and growth enterprises with operations in China or related to China. By 2021, Legend Capital has invested in over 500 companies, of which more than 90 companies are successfully listed domestically or overseas, and over 70 companies achieved exit through M&A.

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