Marion Enterprise on a Mission to Create Communities for Those Struggling with Their Finances

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Marion Enterprise is a financial literacy and credit repair company whose aim is to provide education around wealth building. Its primary audience consists of people from urban and underserved communities. By reaching people who don’t always have access to better financial help and training, the firm hopes to help alleviate poverty among those struggling by giving them the right tools and knowledge to better control their financial history, especially in credit scores.

Financial literacy has become a cornerstone service across Florida and the rest of the nation. People now realize that their money problems aren’t always caused by a lack of cash flow and education. Marion Enterprise LLC has been on a mission to bridge the education gap by helping people manage their wealth and credit better.

The credit scoring system has been a significant factor in people’s financial woes for many years now. Poor credit scores can often lead to higher interest, difficulty landing jobs, getting homes, and running a business even. Marion Enterprise sees the plight of people who struggle financially because of poor credit scores and hopes to help these people take a more promising path to their goals and quality of life.

As a primary goal, Marion Enterprise LLC aims to teach credit building through its various programs. As a result, many people who have worked with credit fixing firms have enjoyed more financial success and created better asset portfolios while also solving their debt problems.

Through the aid of Marion Enterprises, over 3,000 individuals have now stopped depending on government assistance, working ridiculous hours at multiple jobs, and more. In addition, one client shares how the company helped deal with over $7 million in student loan debt, a feat that has happened multiple times in some related form through the company’s help.

As an arm of Marion Enterprises, founder Lakeisha Marion has also founded the Wealthy Women Winning Circle, a closed group of highly driven women and professionals who want to get ahead in life and control their money situations. The community has spent several years teaching female real estate professionals and entrepreneurs topics like personal branding, leadership development, productivity, confidence, and financial literacy. Over 25,000 women have gone through their programs, with 7,500 of them receiving some form of coaching and mentorship. A cornerstone for the company’s women’s program is a quarterly weekend session where Lakeisha and top finance experts speak on how to grow in career and net worth through proven financial strategies.

Through Marion’s financial services around credit repair, over 150,000 people have also improved their credit scores, which have helped them secure productive loans and buy dream homes with little to no headache when securing the mortgage. Apart from credit repair, the firm also provides other consulting services like credit building, credit card use, credit monitoring, remote business opportunities, and financial coaching, to name a few.

By serving underprivileged people and women, Marion Enterprise hopes to do more than improve money situations and change lives in the process. Learn more by visiting the company’s official website.


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