Philanthropist husband and wife duo Roberto and Samantha Benitez carve out a new way to give back worldwide through The Higher Love Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA and MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2021 / The Higher Love Foundation was founded by entrepreneurs Roberto and Samatha Benitez as a central philanthropic conduit for the profits generated through their other business ventures. The philosophy behind it is simple: no-strings-attached direct distribution. Funded primarily by their educational foundation and entertainment corporation, 20% of their total earnings will be dedicated towards a variety of worthy causes around the world, wherever people are most in need.

Roberto and Samantha Benitez’ path to entrepreneurial success has not been an easy one. Despite having to overcome challenge after challenge, each one of their ventures has seen them channel their unwavering resilience and positivity into a force for good, and find success along the way. Born in America, Roberto survived 9/11, cancer, and a motorcycling accident which saw him lose his left leg above the knee, while Samantha is a 2-time cancer survivor herself.

Eventually, the duo uprooted themselves from the mainland, relocating to Panama to found what would become a highly successful hospitality business. After realising that it was time to give back, they decided to focus on education and culture, two of their passions, and soon after The Higher Love Foundation was born.

A different approach to philanthropy

Established officially on April 1st, 2021, The Higher Love Foundation is currently raising funds through two affiliated organisations, an educational foundation and an entertainment agency, and aims to do things differently than other charities, many of which are burdened by sky-high operational costs yet still aren’t completely transparent with where their funds go. They know no borders, aiming to help when and where they are needed, regardless of where the people they’re helping are from, what they believe, and what they do, as long as everything is both legal and ethical.

This borderless policy is also something that they maintain when selecting board members, who consist of a range of successful, experienced individuals from all walks of life, both founders believing in the power of diversity when it comes to bringing innovative ideas from conception to reality.

Funding education and creativity

The overall philosophy is clearly reflected in their educational foundation, whose goal is to disrupt the educational system through releasing genuinely affordable computer hardware and mobile devices, and distributing 20% of them for free to people who would not be able to afford them, enabling them to broaden their horizons and improve their future prospects without any financial burden.

As passionate supporters of the creative industries, especially visual arts and music, the final step in the plan is their entertainment agency, through which Roberto aims to ease the process of NFT creation for musicians, graphic designers, and graffiti artists. Working with a diverse group already, Roberto’s goal is to empower them to make as much as 100x what they may get from major streaming sites – while also generating profits which can be used to make a major impact.

Current projects

Their first project aims to raise funds to support one of the biggest crises of 2021 – the spread of COVID-19 in India. Working with several up-and-coming artists to create a unique NFT with a custom, exclusive display, the proceeds from the auction will be used to provide an overloaded health service with ventilators, one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for hospitals to support their patients. Hospitals will be selected for donations based on where the need is the highest, while the amount raised through the sale of the NFT will affect the total amount of hospitals that will receive funding.

On the other side of the world, Roberto and Samantha have also set their sights on Miami, aiming to raise money to assist with the ongoing efforts to help those affected by the recent collapse of the Champlain Towers South apartment building, whether that’s sending food and water or technical equipment and tools.

Making waves outside The Higher Love Foundation

Improving lives remains at the heart of everything Roberto and Samantha do. Conscious of the opportunities they’ve had and their ability to share their success with others, the entrepreneurial duo are ready for action, starting with India and Miami. In their eyes, the world of philanthropy has been stagnant for too many years, and has long been due a change, which is exactly what they’re serving up.

The Higher Love Foundation is just the beginning for Roberto and Samantha, who are already working on a variety of other philanthropic projects, including a new decentralised technology concept, each exponentially increasing their capacity to make their impact felt.

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