Reblaze Announces Curiefense 1.4.0 Milestone Release, Bringing Web Security to NGINX

Curiefense is now integrated in the world’s most popular web server, bringing inherent security capabilities to combat hostile traffic

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reblaze, a leading cloud native, fully managed application security solution provider, today announced the integration of Curiefense, its unified open source security platform, with NGINX, the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites.

NGINX is the most popular web server in the world, with a growing user base to match. As NGINX’s user base grows, the global threat environment is also expanding. With this integration, Curiefense’s full suite of open source security technologies is available to all NGINX users.

Curiefense is the first fully integrated, all encompassing security solution in NGINX. Key features of the Curiefense 1.4.0 release include:

  • Complete protection against web security threats, with a full technology suite including WAF, L7 DDoS mitigation, bot management, session flow control, rate limiting, and more.
  • Free for all users; while many broad scope solutions are available, nearly all charge extra fees and subscriptions for modules.
  • User environment traffic filtration. While most solutions filter traffic outside user environments, Curiefense can be hosted within user environments, avoiding compromises on performance and privacy.
  • Open source availability and extensibility, as opposed to a closed source/black-box solution

Reblaze launched Curiefense in March of 2021 to address cloud-native security needs and remove these challenges by adopting an open platform, collaboration-driven model. Curiefense builds upon modern practices such as GitOps and provides native security support for containerized deployments such as Kubernetes and service meshes such as Istio.

In addition, Curiefense gives developers the ease of deployment and extensibility of open source applications, with a full suite of API and application protection, including DDoS, WAF, and advanced bot detection. While legacy providers decrypt, analyze and (often) store customer traffic on proprietary infrastructure, Curiefense maintains complete privacy, eliminating the need for third-party access to customer traffic and data.

“As the range, frequency and severity of cyberattacks evolves, security is no longer just a CISO/CSO issue; it’s a developer issue,” said Tzury Bar Yochay, CTO and co-founder of Reblaze. “We’re excited to bring Curiefense’s full capabilities in this release to NGINX users, and continue to grow the Curiefense community.”

“Curiefense integration with NGINX allows us to provide our clients who run tens of thousands of Nginx instances across our datacenter, an open platform that adds powerful security features with ease of use.” said Yohay Azulay, CEO and co-founder of performance cloud infrastructure provider, Kamatera. “Its powerful APIs were the motivation for our control panel integration coming this fall.”

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About Reblaze
Reblaze is a cloud-based, fully managed security solution provider for sites, web applications, services, and APIs. Its unified and proprietary technology solution is fully integrated with AWS, Azure, Google, and Digital Ocean, and combines Machine Learning, adaptive threat detection, and dedicated Virtual Private Clouds to protect client assets from Internet threats. It offers next-gen WAF, autoscaling DoS/DDoS protection, Bot Management, API Security, CDN integration, real-time traffic control, and more via its intuitive web-based management console. Biometric human detection and Behavioral Analysis identifies and blocks even sophisticated modern bots that mimic human actions and can evade traditional bot mitigation solutions. In addition to its international partner network, Reblaze has offices in the U.S., Singapore, and Israel.

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