Scratchpad Introduces New Experience for Top Sales Performers, Connecting Calendar, Notes, and Salesforce into One Unified Workspace

Innovation Eliminates the Tedium of Manually Managing Data from Meetings, Enables Sales Reps with the Fastest Way to Access and Update Salesforce from Their Calendar

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Scratchpad, Inc., pioneer and leader of the workspace for revenue teams, today announced the immediate availability of a unified workspace between calendar, sales notes, and Salesforce. For the first time ever, any account executive, sales development representative (SDR), or sales manager using Salesforce can access and create notes, add and enrich new contacts, and create and manage tasks directly from their calendar.

Calendar, note-taking apps, tasks, and Salesforce are an essential part of every salesperson’s day, but they are entirely disconnected from each other and don’t fit into a salesperson’s workflow. For too long, sales professionals in every organization have cobbled together random apps to create their own personal sales workspace. These hacks were made out of necessity in an attempt to stay organized, manage meetings, update and share sales notes, follow through on next steps, set tasks, ensure seamless handoffs, and collaborate across the revenue team.

Consequently, these workspaces require tedious and manual data management, forcing sales reps to spend a disproportionate amount of time on data entry rather than selling to customers. In fact, a report from Salesforce revealed that today’s sales professionals spend only 34 percent of their time selling. RevOps and SalesOps teams continue to grow frustrated as these hacked together systems are not connected to the source of data truth—Salesforce.

“The point of engagement for sales reps has shifted away from Salesforce because the experience for account executives fundamentally does not fit into how sales reps work,” said Pouyan Salehi, co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad. “There is a lot of unnecessary tension between doing what it takes to generate revenue but also ensuring data flows into Salesforce for the greater needs of the business including visibility for leadership and accurate forecasting. Scratchpad continues to lead innovation by bringing Salesforce to where account executives need to be, whether that is in their calendar, email, anywhere on the web, or in other sales tools they use so that we fit their workflow and increase adoption of Salesforce. And, at the same time, Scratchpad is delighting RevOps and Sales Enablement leaders because better data flows into their CRM and adoption of Salesforce by the frontline sales teams dramatically increases.”

Scratchpad has continued its rapid pace of product innovation designed to help customers increase usage and adoption of Salesforce with recent product releases such as Scratchpad Command, pushing and linking notes to Salesforce, and now unifying the sales workspace by bridging the gap between calendar, tasks, notes, pipeline, and Salesforce.

Customers can sign up and use Scratchpad in less than 30 seconds via Chrome plugin or as a webapp. Scratchpad instantly connects to Salesforce and gives salespeople the fastest experience to access and update Salesforce and manage their day-to-day sales workflow. For more information, please visit:

What the Industry is Saying
“Scratchpad is leading the way in a new digital experience that reflects how sales and customer service, from frontline workers to managers, can work with Salesforce. Scratchpad is helping organizations be productive and effective in how they work more collaboratively with accounts, opportunities and contacts and with more actionable note taking to enhance outcomes like revenue growth and positive customer satisfaction.” – Stephen Hurrell, VP & research director, Ventana Research

“Scratchpad’s pace of innovation is incredible. At nearly every turn they are finding ways to make it easier and easier for our reps to spend less time with data entry. Salesforce adoption has never been higher and the data we need for the business is flowing into Salesforce as it should. Integrating sales notes, tasks, contact creation, and Salesforce into reps’ calendar is genius.” – Jeff Ignacio, head of revenue and growth operations, UpKeep

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About Scratchpad
Scratchpad is the workspace for revenue teams combining sales notes, calendar, spreadsheets, tasks, Kanban boards, search, collaboration, and sales process compliance in a single intuitive interface. In less than 30 seconds, revenue teams can set up Scratchpad and start increasing sales data hygiene to consistently achieve quota attainment. Founded in 2019, Scratchpad is a privately held company headquartered in San Mateo, CA and backed by Accel and Craft Ventures. To learn more, visit

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