Seize the Pearl CryptoBlades While Missing out the Gold Axie Infinity

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Axie Infinity has ushered in an era of ‘Play to Earn’ while the global digital currency market edges to a slump. The value of its token has outperformed the broader market, with its voice well heard across social media from both home and abroad. This, of course, has spillover effect as projects that identify themselves as ‘Play to Earn’ begin to embrace new wealth gains and NFT games such as Alien Worlds, Dego Finance, and My Alice World have also witnessed upward curves amid strong demands.

But don’t be deceived by the seemingly strong demands which, if you observe more closely, are powered by FOMO that is transitory and short-lived. Because the above-mentioned NFT games are comparably “old-fashioned”, compromised by problems like a long return cycle, or the game has not yet been launched and is still in the theory. Understandably, this growth trend is not going to last.

Apart from that, their overrated market value and demanding participation standards force new players who want to join NFT games into an embarrassing situation. So why not set your eyes on new gaming projects and look for buried pearls from projects that have not yet been fully explored? How about getting to know CryptoBlades, the biggest pearl at this moment?

1. Introduction

CryptoBlades is not a hastily cobbled-together project, wishfully thinking about the rise to fame as what happened with Axie. In fact, it released its officially playable version in April 2021. Combining traditional RPG with NFT, it issued two NFTs, namely CryptoBlades Character (CBC) and CryptoBlades Weapon (CBW), and SKILL, a fungible token, used as the circulating currency in the game.

Players through matching characters and weapons fight against randomly assigned enemies and get SKILL as rewards which can be withdrawn at any time and sold in the secondary market, truly embodying the essence of ‘Play to Earn’, enabling them to make earnings while playing the game.

2. Advantages

(1) The game is fun

When it comes to blockchain games, the first impression that comes to mind is often boring cats and dogs, or a terrible gaming experience caused by chain congestion or even crash. CrptoBlades is based on BSC, avoiding lengthy waiting time and sky-high gas fees, and thus greatly lowering the entry barrier of the game.

What’s more, CryptoBlades introduces the defend-attack mechanism centered on attributes, and weapon forging, so players need to choreograph battle strategies, with weapon ratings fluctuated by the so-called ‘good luck”. Each battle is spiritually exciting and materially fruitful, instead of meaningless and repetitive clicking for feedback.

(The stronger enemy you defeat, the more SKILL you will get, but at the same time you also face a greater risk of failure)

(2) Well-designed gaming mechanisms

SKILL, as a circulating token in the game, is mainly used to recruit heroes, forge and upgrade weapons. More weapons mean more battles and more SKILL, with better weapons greatly increasing the earnings of each battle. A five-star weapon can bring players several times more rewards than a one-star one.

The CryptoBlades team grasped the essence of ‘Play to Earn’ at the very beginning of the game design, and chose fungible tokens to facilitate circulation in the game. At the same time, SKILL earned by players while playing can be used back to the game, avoiding additional cost and putting an end to “in-app purchases” often experienced in traditional games.

(3) Extremely short return cycle

CryptoBlades’ rapid popularity comes not just because of its excellent gaming experience, but also the returns it brings. Each battle brings players a certain amount of SKILL in return (more if you win). Now let’s do a back-of-the-envelope calculation by adding up the cost of recruiting heroes, forging weapons, and on-chain GAS fees, and it does not take a genius to see that 3-5 days will be enough to earn back what’s invested, which is equivalent to an annual yield rate of 10000%! Of course, this does not take token price bump into consideration, so the actual payback period maybe even shorter.

What’s worth pointing out is that the above-mentioned describes the most commonplace situation. If a player gets ‘good luck ‘ and draws a highly-rated weapon, the payback can come instantly upon entering the game, and the earnings may even double. With this tempting game mechanism in place, an influx of players is not surprising at all.

(4) New favorite

By July 22, 2021, CBC is confirmed to have been held by 69,937 addresses, CBW, 109,547 addresses, and the number of players on BSC has exceeded 75,000. The number of Twitter followers stands at 37,000, and Discord, the main battlefield, keeps tens of thousands of active users online. There are heated debates about game mechanisms and trading of heroes and weapons, with game studios being organized to take part. All these signs bode well for the game, any games actually, a precursor to a meteoric rise.

(NFT transfers on the BSC chain are being dominated by CryptoBlades)

3. Summary

Keeping the cash flow in hand is the safest option amid a market slowdown. CryptoBlades, an NFT game that can stably generate cash flow, is an exceptionally good investment choice. As more players jump on the bandwagon, more demand for SKILL will drive up the price. Even if you are not interested in the game, you can still be part of the ‘Play to Earn’ wave by holding SKILL. After all, the FOMO tides will pass. As the value wave recedes, what will be left standing is the model of “play to earn” which can override the challenge and stride forward to a promising future. LBank is the first crypto exchange to list SKILL Coin on July 19, since then it has registered the highest value increase of more than 600%.

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