Solve.Care Joins The Government Blockchain Association

FAIRFAX, VA, Jul 12, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Solve.Care, the healthcare technology platform company leveraging blockchain to change the way we deliver and manage patient care, is now an official member of The Government Blockchain Association (GBA). The GBA is a non-profit independent association aimed at promoting blockchain technology by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges around the world.

In line with GBA’s mission to connect people and organizations with blockchain technology-based solutions, Solve.Care delivers a patient-centric healthcare model, utilizing blockchain technology to address inefficiencies in the healthcare industry and improve access to quality care for everyone. As a member of the GBA, Solve.Care is now part of the largest blockchain association in the world and will work together with a global network of experts, which include government agencies, researchers, and academia, to help promote the adoption of blockchain technology especially for the healthcare sector. The GBA has over 6,000 registered individual and organizational members in 120 cities around the world. The GBA also hosts local meetups of over 40,000 people globally.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, said, “Blockchain technology provides a real solution to many of the issues we face today. From healthcare to education and the economy to public wellbeing, blockchain technology will be transformational across many different industries. By joining the Government Blockchain Association, we intend on contributing Solve.Care’s expertise to implementing a more equal and effective care to a wider, global audience. Working with a dedicated team of experts, we look forward to leveraging the value GBA offers to promote the technology we believe in, as well as contributing to the association’s goals and actions.”

Through its membership, Solve.Care will help establish and promote healthcare industry best practices for blockchain technology-related solutions to be adopted for the benefit of society at large, by government agencies in the US and the rest of the world. In addition, the company will have the opportunity to deliver and participate in education, training, and certifications, such as the GBA Blockchain Consulting Certification.

Gerard Dache, Founder and Executive Director of GBA, said, “Our members share a passion for promoting blockchain technology adoption throughout the world, seeing it as a force for good and a solution to many of the issues faced by governments globally. We are excited to welcome Solve.Care, a company that is operating at the vanguard of healthcare and innovation and who has a proven track record of delivering working blockchain solutions that help drive the digital transformation of healthcare and patient delivery.”

About the Government Blockchain Association (GBA):

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an international nonprofit professional association with its headquarters located in Fairfax, Virginia. GBA focuses on its members as individuals and organizations that are interested in promoting blockchain technology solutions to government but does not advocate for any specific policy position. Membership is available to government employees along with student organizations, private sector professionals, and corporations. Membership fees are waived for government employees.

GBA cultivates professional workflows between technologists, public policy makers, application specialists, and those who want to learn about the new and emerging digital currencies. Furthermore, GBA acts as a catalyst in creating a public dialogue around the creative, profitable, and positive leveraging of blockchain technology.

About Solve.Care

Solve.Care is a global healthcare company that redefines care coordination, improves access to care, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world. The Solve.Care platform creates ecosystems called Care Networks for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria. It is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based healthcare payments. It is a multiple award-winning company, receiving accolades such as: ‘Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award’ at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum, ‘Top Innovative Blockchain Solution’ and ‘Top Outstanding Project’ at the 2019 World Blockchain Awards, BRI’s ‘Industry Solution of the Year 2020′, SSOW Impact Awards’ ‘Technology of the Year 2020’, and many more. For more information, please visit

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