Tavant Launches Disruptive New Platform – Touchless Lending™

— Accelerating loan manufacturing with AI —

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tavant, Silicon Valley’s leading digital lending solutions provider, today announced the availability of its new Touchless Lending™ platform. This AI-powered lending-as-a-service platform maximizes the use of data-driven processes to provide an end-to-end loan manufacturing experience. Touchless Lending’s first product line is mortgage-centric and designed to address key pain points within the mortgage industry. By reducing lengthy origination cycles and removing unnecessary touchpoints, Touchless Lendingenables lenders to originate more mortgage loans faster, while also reducing costs.

Over the last year, changes in behavioral patterns have shifted much of the home buying process to online interactions. It is now more crucial than ever that mortgage lenders consistently provide seamless digital experiences – to stay both ahead of the competition and in-line with ever-increasing borrower expectations. Touchless Lending delivers exactly what borrowers need, and more by enabling faster e-closing and open communication channels across touchpoints. Loan officers, processors and underwriters can use Touchless Lending’s optimized workflows to engage with data and make decisions faster, instead of relying on physical documentation and manual data entry. The Touchless Lending platform integrates effortlessly with existing core systems, including the LOS, and efficiently automates mortgage production.

Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO, Tavant, said, “Now more than ever, companies are hungry for more robust data. They want to make better decisions and automate routine processes to become more efficient, reduce errors and lower costs. Data is the key to making those happen, and Touchless Lending is the tool lenders need to make the best uses of their data.”

“The mortgage industry is still not meeting borrower expectations,” added Mohammad Rashid, Head of Tavant’s Fintech Practice. “On average, mortgages are taking 51 days to close, which is unacceptably slow in our on-demand world. Underwriters and processors do not have the tools they need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Touchless Lending focuses on these overlooked middle and back-office associates, now enabling them to make a clear-to-close decision in as little as five days, handle five times as many mortgages at once and reduce processing and underwriting costs by over 75% per mortgage.”

Rapidly gaining market share, Tavant’s expanding customer base originates one out of every four mortgage loans in the United States. As the leading provider of Fintech software and solutions for 20+ years, Tavant proactively anticipates customer needs and adjusts accordingly to provide the right leading-edge solutions. Tavant’s new Touchless Lending platform is an exciting addition to its already robust suite of digital products and solutions, which continue to allow customers to optimize their back-office, simplify their mid-office, and transform their front-end consumer experience into an efficient digital data stream.

About Tavant

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tavant is a digital products and solutions company that provides impactful results to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 2000, the company employs over 2,500 people and is a recognized top employer. Tavant has created an AI-powered intelligent lending enterprise by reimagining customer experiences, driving operational efficiencies, and improving collaboration. Find Tavant on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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