The Coaching Masters Are Teaching People The Ins And Outs Of How To Be A Good Coach. Find Out More Below.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Looking for a guide in life is not a sign of weakness, but rather a useful resource for many people to help cope with difficult tasks ahead of them or things that they have endured in the past. Whether coaches are used in our professional, personal, or spiritual life, they can play a major role in our wellbeing.

One of the many organizations offering training for coaches is The Coaching Masters. The Coaching Masters have trained and qualified thousands of coaches from 71 different countries across the world. Their goal is to provide the necessary steps and courses to help people change other people’s lives. Like in many industries, coaching is very important, but there isn’t a lot of information on how to actually coach or begin the process. The Coaching Masters’ goal is to change that.

The Coaching Masters offer four signature courses known as The Accreditation, The NLP Master, The Ultimate Launch & The Course Creator Blueprint. These courses allow the users flexibility when it comes to timing and learning how to become a coach. In addition, there are also live classes that students can sign up for. If students continue to need help on their journey to success, The Coaching Masters also offer one on one options that can be tailored to individual schedules. The goal of all of this, as the company says, is to have people coach their way to freedom. In other words, to help students become successful in coaching others, so that they too achieve their financial goals and financial freedom.

Recently, the Coaching Masters have just opened up a coffee shop / co-working space in Bali called Cafe Coach. Just to show the world that online business is real enough to create offline opportunities for underprivileged locals. They are excited to be making this shift in order to reach a larger group of people.

The group was founded by two people: Liam James Collins and partner Lewis Raymond Taylor. The two had a chance meeting that would change their lives forever. They had struggled to find other young individuals who were interested in the coaching world, so they immediately gravitated towards each other.

“Literally, a couple of days after meeting, we were both sitting downstairs in Costa Coffee by London Bridge and we had mapped out our entire business structure. We knew that we had to create one mega 12-week coaching accreditation course in order to qualify people as coaches, so this is where we started,” Liam and Lewis explain.

Since then, the business has exploded way past the multiple 7-figure per year mark. The business is continuing to grow and help people become the coaches that they have dreamed of being or have encountered in their own lives. To find out more about how you can get involved, follow Liam’s Instagram here and check out their website here.

Paula Henderson

SOURCE: The Coaching Masters

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