The GIFT Platform: Making It Easy to Introduce New People to Cryptocurrency

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / The recent explosion of interest in blockchain finance and DeFi has attracted investors from a wide variety of sectors. As well as large-scale institutional investors, individual members of the public have also started to invest in cryptocurrencies due to the popularity and accessibility of these kinds of investments. With many prominent experts speculating on whether crypto and blockchain is indeed ‘the future of finance’, it seems likely that cryptocurrencies will play an increasingly dominant role in the financial sector for the foreseeable future.

While many of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are generally considered to be well-respected assets with a multitude of real-life applications, the crypto space has often been perceived to contain a high number of ‘scam’ currencies. For people who are new to cryptocurrency investing, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between legitimate projects and these ‘scam’ coins. Furthermore, new users often find the act of ‘getting into crypto’ to be a confusing and difficult process. There are a multitude of barriers to entry for new people who seek to take their first steps into the world of crypto, and this is the problem that the recently established ‘GIFT’ platform aims to address.

What is the GIFT platform?

GIFT was founded in May 2021 by two university graduates with the aim of making it easy for people to share crypto gift cards with their friends and family. Through the GIFT platform, people can send cryptocurrencies to their friends and family – even if these recipients don’t have a crypto wallet.

The email recipients or ‘new users’ receive a simple and friendly email that explains how to set up a wallet and redeem their cryptocurrency tokens through the ‘Redeem’ page on the GIFT platform. After a couple of clicks, a new user can go from knowing nothing about crypto, to being set up with a wallet full of gifted tokens from a friend.

For the GIFT team, the GIFT Platform is all about giving new users a reliable, simple path to enter into the world of cryptocurrency. As well as guiding new users through the redemption process, the GIFT Platform also includes a ‘GIFT Academy’, which is filled with free introductory videos and how-to guides. New users can learn about the fundamentals of blockchain and DeFi, as well as learning practical tips on safe wallet management -all on one free-to-use crypto platform.

What’s next for the GIFT platform?

Having launched on the Binance Smart Chain due to the affordability and speed of the BSC chain, the GIFT platform currently enables users to send $GIFT crypto gift cards through the platform. In the coming weeks and months, the platform will be updated to enable the sending of a number of top cryptocurrencies like $BTC and $ETH in a gift card format. This means that new users will benefit from being introduced to crypto through a variety of the most popular and trusted cryptocurrencies.

As well as benefiting from a 3.5% redistribution tax, holders of the $GIFT token will soon be able to stake their $GIFT and earn tokens in the form of other popular cryptocurrencies like $ETH that are being sent through the GIFT platform. What’s more, users who stake in the $GIFT Partnered Token pools will be able to earn rebate tokens that can be used to avail of exclusive discounts on the sites of partnered tokens like $WORLD and $CC.

The unique $GIFT staking pools are just the beginning for what’s coming next with the GIFT platform. As part of their vision of becoming the world-leading crypto gifting platform,by 2023 the GIFT team aims to introduce 10 million new users to the world of cryptocurrency. With custom NFT gift cards and more on the roadmap for 2021, the future is bright for the GIFT Platform.

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