The Rise Of One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Md. Abubakar Siddeque

MIDDLETOWN, DE / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Md Abubakar Siddeque, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur living in Dubai known as “Milton”, is touching a new height in the Marketing sector. Mr Siddeque has spread his reach in different sectors and he is the founder & partner of a UAE based marketing agency named ‘AMK Trading FZC LLC’ and President of a USA based company named ‘Healthaholico US, Inc’. At 33 years old, Md Siddeque generated more than $1.49 million in revenue in the last year. Getting there, however, took a lot of work, effort, and motivation.

This entrepreneur is the name behind the success of many big businesses with seven-figure earnings. In addition to establishing his own businesses, Mr Siddeque is also mentoring many emerging entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses. He is also one of the famous online marketers in Bangladesh, which is in itself a great achievement. With his determination and hard work, he has achieved a big milestone in the entrepreneurial world and he is making continuous progress every day.

Born on 1st January 1987 in a small village in Bangladesh, had faced many hardships because of his family’s financial condition. He was a scholar student in secondary and higher secondary level so his parents made a bank loan to send him to the UK for higher education. Nothing went good and he was unable to finish his studies so he came back to Bangladesh as a University dropout student. In addition to this, before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, siddeque worked as a part-time school teacher at a local school in his village with a daily minimum wage. He tried so many things one after one but was barely successful. In 2015, he started working on as a freelancer. Affiliate marketing attracted him mostly and did get my most success in the affiliate marketing space. He becomes one of the most prominent affiliate marketers in Bangladesh and was able to build a community of 1000+ marketers.

Of course, nothing was easy. he grew up in a place where there was no internet. He had to take an internet connection from a company but their hub was almost 15 kilometres away so they charged Mr Siddeque around $1500 for the cables. His family wasn’t able to help him in this case so he took a high risk by taking a loan from a local friend. After all, he started learning things and working on a marketplace named “” and he was lucky enough that I was able to get in touch with some successful digital nomads and mentors. From 2017- 2019 he has made around 3.5 million dollars in revenue just from affiliate marketing. End of 2019, he established a Marketing Agency in UAE and got partnered with a company based in Miami which made him 1.49 million dollars in revenue in the financial year of 2020.

The internet has completely changed his life. Today, he runs two multiple-7-figure businesses and has the flexibility to build the lifestyle everyone loves – spending more time with family, taking a few extra vacations per year, and even just having enough money in the bank to know that he’ll be fine in case of a ‘rainy day’. To keep up with Siddeque and see his journey, you can follow him on Instagram at @ma.siddeque

Company Name: AMK Trading FZC LLC.
Contact Person: Md. Abubakar Siddeque


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