Tianyun International (6836.HK)’s Construction Plan of New Yunnan Production Base Project has been Implemented

HONG KONG, Jul 12, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Tianyun International Holdings Limited (“Tianyun International”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (Stock Code: 6836.HK), a leading manufacturer and seller of processed fruit products in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) , is pleased to announce that the Group has set out a production base (the “Yunnan Production Base Project”) in the Honghe Hani and Yi Prefecture of Yunnan Province, the PRC, for the production of tropical processed fruit products. It is expected that the project will commence operation in 2022. By that time, the production bases of the Group in Shandong Province, Hubei Province and Yunnan Province will produce synergies. These will contribute to the expansion of production facilities and enrichment of the varieties of processed fruits and market coverage in the PRC. These will also develop the production and sales of temperate, subtropical and tropical processed fruit products and beverages, establishing the Group’s base for processed tropical fruit products in the north, middle and southwest parts of the PRC.

The Yunnan Production Base Project is located in the Honghe Hani and Yi Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The project location is superior in the sense that it is a two-way import and export, and core collection and distribution hub of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Northwest regions of the PRC. It has road connections in all directions and is easily accessible to nearby countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The project has a planned land area of over 130,000 square meters and a designed total production capacity of 90,000 tonnes per annum. It is contemplated to establish a research centre, processing centre, grading centre, sales and trading centre, and storage and logistics center, focusing on tropical processed fruit products. The tentative scope of business of the Yunnan Production Base includes, inter alia, the production and sales of canned fruit and vegetable, beverage, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fruit jelly products.

Yunnan Province is located in a low-latitude highland zone with a diversified climate and excellent ecological environment. Yunnan Province and its surrounding areas have abundant fruit, vegetable and natural resources. Yunnan Province is named as “Kingdom of Plants and Fruits”. According to the statistics from the Kunming Customs District of the PRC, Yunnan Province exported approximately 1.35 million tonnes of fruits with an aggregate value of approximately RMB18.4 billion in 2020 with a growth of approximately 24% comparing to the year of 2019. Green food and food processing industries have been rapidly developed and strongly supported by the local government. The Yunnan Production Base Project of Tianyun International also aims at developing green food brands and building a model production base, which helps the Group to introduce more fruit varieties sourced from tropical climate zone, develop a base for processed tropical fruit products in Yunnan Province in the PRC and enhance the Group’s products arrangement and sales strategies in all parts of the PRC.

Mr. Yang Ziyan, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said, “As the plan of the Yunnan Production Base Project has been implemented, the progress is gratifying. Through the Yunnan Production Base Project, the Group will extend its production and distribution base from its existing base in eastern and central part of the PRC to the southwestern part of the PRC for further business expansion. The Group can develop new types of fruit and other products which the Group did not offer in bulk in the past, such as tropical processed fruit products. We are confident that when the Yunnan Production Base Project commences operation in 2022, the production capacity of the Group’s beverage products, existing processed fruit products and new types of fruit products will be increased significantly. Our warehousing and logistics arrangement nationally in the PRC will also be facilitated to enhance the cost efficiency for its own brand products so that the Group will be positioned very well to provide customers and the market with healthier, more diverse and richer processed fruit products and beverages.”

About Tianyun International Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6836.HK)
Tianyun International Holdings Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”) are principally engaged in (i) the research and development, production and sales of processed fruit packaged in metal containers, plastic cups, glass containers and aluminum foil bags and beverages ii) trading of fresh fruit. Processed fruit products are sold both under its own brands “Bingo Times”, “fruit zz” and “Tiantong Times” and on an OEM basis. The beverages are sold under its own brand Shiok Party “Shiok Party”.

The Group has been consistently committed to providing its customers with healthy and safe products. As a food enterprise with one of the most complete quality certifications, we rigorously adhere to stringent international production standards and are accredited with BRC (A), IFS Food (High), FDA(FSMA), HALAL, SC, KOSHER, BSCI and ISO22000, etc. in respect of our production facilities, quality control and management. The Group has also passed the internal food-production standards reviews and audits from several UK and US supermarket chains. At the same time, as a Chinese “Equal production line; Equal standard; Equal quality” food production and export enterprise, the Group has been supplying products of equivalent quality to domestic and international markets. Since 2016, the Group’s own-brand processed fruit products have continued to achieve high market recognition, and the Group became China’s first fruit-processing company to place a “Zero Added Preservatives” label on its products.

The Group was awarded respectively the China’s Most Promising Listed Companies by the internationally renowned financial magazine Forbes, and the “2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award” by the PRC government in 2017. The Group’s newly and proprietary researched, developed and produced pure fruit snack food received a national “Certificate of Invention Patent” in 2018. The Group was awarded the national Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2019. In 2020, the Group was recognised as one of the Most Valuable Chinese Brands for the fourth consecutive year.

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