Top 5 Practical Considerations When Choosing A Lawyer From New York City-Based Bilingual Lawyer, Byron Quintanilla, Esq.

GREAT NECK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Life hands out many twists and turns, and often these situations require the assistance of an attorney, laws can be complicated, and even personal situations can end up playing out in a high stress courtroom. Choosing the best attorney to suit every individual situation is no small task. Every attorney, client, and legal situation is going to have specific considerations and circumstances. Byron Quintanilla, Esq. founder of Ask Quintanilla Law, PLLC, is a New York City and Long Island-based attorney who specializes in helping clients with immigration law, as well as accidents, worker’s compensation, and real estate legal representation needs. He shares with us the top practical considerations when choosing legal representation, from a lawyer’s perspective.

  • Confidentiality is key when it comes to legal matters, large or small, and Quintanilla explains that even in a consultation, a lawyer should verbally, in writing, or digital format, inform a client about a confidentiality agreement. “To ensure the attorney is equipped to handle the case they must be informed of all confidential facts and details, and even if they do not represent a client at the end, this is still protected information.”
  • A complimentary consultation is the next point of practical consideration that Quintanilla recommends people look for in potential legal representation. He makes the following analogy “You’re not going to go to a doctor and say I need help, and then they say pay me $5,000 to help you. That is not how legal representation should work either.” Quintanilla gives a free consultation to potential clients, including a general intake form, taking about an hour to get to know them, identifying the issues they need help with, and determining if he is the right person to help them.
  • Clear communication is the next practical consideration Quintanilla points out because the relationship between an attorney and their client must be steadfast, open, honest, and clear communication is at the core of that. “I almost go overboard sometimes, because I feel like people need to know and understand what is going on, but it also creates a timeline for them and for me, to keep everyone informed of where we are, and where we need to go. I don’t want clients to feel like they are always chasing me.” He is a bilingual attorney, a skill that has helped him on a daily basis connect with clients all over the world, bridging language and cultural barriers.
  • Patience is another big area Quintanilla stresses the importance of, explaining that is why he does such a detailed intake with all prospective clients, little details matter. A lawyer is going to need to answer questions, explain laws, and help people through incredibly trying times, as legal matters tend to be a roller coaster of emotion, and can be life-changing. Cases take time to build, patience and persistence in crafting the best possible ligation, etc. are all part of the equation of what people should look for in an attorney.
  • Quintanilla identifies knowing the biographical and professional background of an attorney as another area of importance. Knowing the experience and track record they have will help determine if this is the right person to help you.

Knowing when one needs representation can be tricky, Quintanilla knows this firsthand, and points out that there are different needs for each case, as he puts it, the lawyer who drafted your will may not be the best lawyer to represent you in a workers compensation case or non-compete agreement. He identifies the top ten areas where people look for legal representation: civil litigation/trial attorneys, criminal defense lawyers, defamation lawyers, business lawyers, family law, traffic law, probate, trust, and estate lawyers, immigration lawyers, personal injury, and real estate. All of these have several specializations within them, a domestic violence attorney may not handle child custody, and so forth, choosing someone that has the expertise and experience in your specific area of need is important, and worth taking the time to investigate.

Quintanilla shares that he grew up with two Guatemalan parents who went through the processes of becoming legal United States citizens, wanting a better life for their family, and how he remembers assisting them through it as a youth. He saw how complicated the process was, and how the language barrier was a huge issue for many, miscommunications causing them to miss dates, and not understand procedures or what to do next. That gave him a broad cultural awareness and drove him to want to help other people, attending Binghamton University SUNY, as an undergrad and the Florida Coastal School of Law for his Juris Doctorate, volunteering his time in the afternoons and evenings to help non English speaking clients with their immigration needs. After time spent with big firms, and working with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, he branched out on his own, creating a niche firm focused on matters near and dear to his heart, and community.

Quintanilla works hard to keep the community aware of changes in immigration law, as they happen quickly and can greatly affect people’s lives. Information about DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, clients who are overseas, those who face workers compensation issues that affect their immigration status, regardless of what the case may be, he is dedicated to helping the community of non-native speakers, and those who need assistance the most but cannot access it.

You can connect with Byron Quintanilla on his website,, to learn more.

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