Tycoon, the Crypto Copy Trading Revolution. Now Listing on Bittrex Global Exchange

PAPHOS, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Trading cryptocurrency has always been a domain of the risky and the bold. It takes a special skill to be a successful trader and it takes years to learn the skill properly. The majority of traders end up quitting, never to return to the market again. A small minority of persistent men and women do succeed. Currently, during the period of low volatility and a sudden price correction, the right crypto trades make all the difference in the world. There are many people entering the crypto markets trying to test their trading skills. Luckily for them, the Tycoon platform is here to simplify and streamline the path of these pioneers.

The Tycoon platform goes back to 2017 and it is a brainchild of Serdar Bisi and his team. Started as a helpful tool for internal use, the founders have discovered that there is quite a large demand for their platform. But what’s so special about it anyway?

First of all the Tycoon platform is the first of its kind social trading platform whereby the users can directly and in real time follow the strategy of thousands professional active traders using a direct API connection through Binance (and later on more reputable exchanges). Aside from the real time copy trading, the team stands by their principle of never handling user’s funds directly. This increases security for all the platform users and it’s non-negotiable. The security aspect is off the charts here.

There are some hoops that we need to jump through to be a part of the Tycoon community, but let’s not forget that in the crypto space only the paranoid people survive and become successful.

Another interesting feature of Tycoon is the pricing model. The team has designed their copy trading model without hidden fees and other nasty surprises. The copy trader is paying a small connection fee to the trader that he/she likes to follow and only pays a profit share when this trader is profitable.

Done deal. To increase this profit sharing, even more, the Tycoon platform makes clever use of its TYC token. How?

This ERC20 token with a limited supply of 134 Million TYC tokens allows the users to profit from a 25% discount on the profit share and also allows exclusive access to the new features on the platform. Now, there’s an ambitious staking program going on and to our knowledge, the admission to it is already full. Better luck during the next staking epoc. The TYC token is currently trading on Uniswap, Bithumb Global, Whitebit and now on Bittrex Global (One of the oldest and most reputable Tier 1 crypto exchanges). What about the team?

At this moment, more than 50 people are working worldwide to make Tycoon grow and prosper. The platform is constantly improving its (already epic) 24/7 support team and later on plans to have multilingual live assistance to all users. The team is also bitten by the crypto bug and goes out of their way to educate their 20 000 strong organic community with crypto news, insights and educational material to bring the newcomers up to speed on All things crypto. From wallets, exchanges, coin reviews and networks, it’s all there. If your grandmother joins Tycoon, chances are that she will give you a lesson or 2 in blockchain tech by the time you gather at the Christmas dinner table.

Of course, not everything is rosy about Tycoon. Just like the Ethereum 2.0 release, there have been delays. For example, the current Binance API permission renewal update has thrown a wrench into the gears of the platform, delaying the onboarding process for new copy traders until August 2021. The team has let us know that they are working round the clock to find the best solution for this minor setback.

In summary, the Tycoon team doesn’t like to waste time on words. They are busy building and tweaking their platform to ensure a steady and organic scaling with attention to the user’s needs. The recent market drop that started in May has shown us the importance of having a decent trading strategy and we are curious to see how Tycoon will surprise their users as we plow through this turbulent market. 


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