UKCloud Health announces commitment to deliver the NHS Data Saves Lives vision

UKCloud Health brings together digital technology and specialist partners to accelerate health and social care evolution through its Health Cloud initiative

London – 28th July 2021 – UKCloud Health, the multi-cloud experts who help health and care organisations advance their digital maturity to transform patient outcomes, has today announced its new Health Cloud initiative which supports and delivers the ‘Data Saves Lives’ vision for the NHS.

The recent draft Department of Health and Social Care policy paper sets out ambitious plans to reshape health and social care by harnessing the power of data. This vision sets out a requirement for a data platform for the future where the consolidation of multiple data sets to create greater visibility and insight will enable earlier patient interventions, improved patient outcomes and help save lives.

This vision chimes with the themes of UKCloud’s State of Digital and Data survey, which found that 97% of respondents are evaluating digital technology and its potential to improve patient outcomes. However, the survey also revealed the key challenges this vision faces. More than half of those surveyed (53%) said they had concerns about their organisation’s over-reliance on the limited number of global technology providers. A similar number (54%) express concern around the possible misuse of their organisation’s data. These concerns are not misplaced. The public repercussions from scandals involving the misuse of data such as Cambridge Analytica have awakened the tech industry and their customers. What the survey made clear was that there is still a lack of understanding over the amount of data that is reliant on these technology platforms. Some organisations are simply unaware of all the locations where their data may reside.

The new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has an enormous task ahead, not only rolling out this new policy but coupling it with the confusingly named GPDPR Service and the health and care bill which will bring the new Integrated Care Systems (ICS) into law. The government has already received criticism of their relationship with the big tech firms involved in the NHS Covid-19 Data Store and the lack of transparency with regards to the data access they have.

UKCloud Health has today announced a collaborative initiative, Health Cloud, which further demonstrates its unparalleled commitment to social value by harnessing UK health providers and specialist partners to deliver compelling solutions that enable healthcare organisations to maximise the value of their data. Health Cloud enables organisations in healthcare to move from ambition to action through the effective use of digital technology and securely connected data to improve patient care. As a Strategic Provider of Multi-Cloud Services, Health Cloud is built on the foundation of UKCloud’s sovereign cloud with intrinsic security, compliance, and operational support. Health Cloud makes data centre modernisation much easier and is supported by a range of services and partner solutions to deliver a digital UK health capability for the future.

David Price, Director of UKCloud Health said, “Many of the Trusts we are speaking to have already written a digital strategy that may not include a cloud or data strategy. By design and based on feedback, our Health Cloud initiative is a combination of strategic engagements, agnostic cloud technologies, solutions, and partner services focused on addressing the future needs of a digital NHS. Health Cloud is delivered on the UKCloud sovereign platform, ensuring valuable data remains a national asset and its intrinsic value is delivered back to citizens in the UK.”

Health Cloud is aligned with the NHS Vision to fulfil the potential of digital and data to improve patient outcomes and drive collaborative working in the following ways –

  • Build smart digital and data foundations – The Health Cloud initiative includes expert professional services to accelerate current digital transformation journeys enabling healthcare providers to move from ambition to action by removing risk of failure. New BCG research shows that “70% of digital transformations fall short of their objectives, often with profound consequences.”
  • Connecting health and care services – Health Cloud is a combination of core digital foundations and a rich partner ecosystem, harnessing the value of specialist SaaS providers tailored to the health sector. These providers, such as Open Medical, accelerate the adoption of innovative digital technologies through the delivery of cloud-native solutions, to improve outcomes and interventions.
  • Put the citizen at the centre of their care – Delivering a platform for the future of data where the consolidation of multiple data sets creates greater visibility and insight which will enable earlier patient interventions, improved patient outcomes and help save lives.

Mandy Griffin, CIO at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust who is a UKCloud Health customer said, “After a lengthy evaluation, we chose UKCloud Health as they could come in to support us to take things forward and get us moving on our digital transformation journey – the team at UKCloud Health are the ideal choice to move digital and cloud strategy from ambition to action”

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UKCloud Health helps healthcare organisations advance their digital maturity to transform patient outcomes. We provide expertise in digital healthcare to address the capability and capacity gaps that inhibit digital transformation.

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