Universities and Schools Benefiting from Albert Boufarah and SAMR Inc. in Discarding E-Waste

Educational establishments all over the eastern U.S. are pleased to have found out about Albert Boufarah and SAMR Inc.’s solution for safely recycling electronic waste or ‘e-waste.’ Safely recycling electronic waste can help create a positive impact on the environment while repurposing materials that can be used in the technology devices of tomorrow.

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Universities and schools are working with SAMR Inc to recycle their electronic devices that are no longer in use. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, online instruction has become the norm, leaving countless electronic devices unused while orders of new devices for the next school session are forthcoming. SAMR Inc CEO Albert Boufarah recommends that companies perform regular e-waste & computer recycling projects for storage and data security reasons.

Sustainability has become a growing problem in our increasingly modernized world. As the tech industry keeps on manufacturing new devices at an accelerated pace, the unintended side effect is a proliferation of older electronics in need of proper recycling. Simply throwing devices away during garbage collection is illegal; instead, look to an experienced electronics & laptop recycler like SAMR Inc to assist in the removal of electronics & for proper data destruction.

The state of global electronic waste

An article from TIME Magazine explained the current global e-waste problem. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, the earth has a hard time keeping up with electronic pollution, which comprises various non-biodegradable materials.

Experts also mentioned that today’s devices do not last as long as they used to, which some believe is a strategy to shorten the upgrade cycle. This results in more e-waste, which makes the existence of specialized electronics recyclers like SAMR Inc all the more vital.

Schools and e-waste

This global sustainability issue has been glaringly obvious in the education sector. At the beginning of the pandemic, schools and universities were hopeful that students would be back in a couple of weeks’ time. These weeks stretched into months, and by the end of 2020, many educational tools and equipment have malfunctioned due to the lack of use or became obsolete due to recent tech updates.

As students are heading back to schools and universities again with new equipment, decision-makers are left to wonder how they can properly recycle the previous generation of electronic devices.

A company making a difference

Albert Boufarah, CEO and founder of SAMR Inc, developed techniques that can help schools & businesses properly recycle their obsolete electronics by using sustainable methods. These materials are sorted out and used for other purposes through the extraction of precious metals & plastics which limit the need to mine for new resources to create the electronics of tomorrow.

Being an advocate of corporate social responsibility, Albert Boufarah believes that SAMR Inc can help make a difference in addressing the global e-waste problem. With service areas across the eastern United States & an eye on expansion, SAMR Inc looks to make responsible electronic waste & desktop recycling more accessible to school districts, colleges / universities & companies in need of these services.

About SAMR Inc.

SAMR Inc is an electronics recycling company with headquarters in Lakewood, New Jersey. The company has electronics drop-off, secure data destruction, materials recycling, and many other related services that help encourage tech sustainability.

To learn more about the company & its services, please visit their official website at samrinc.com.

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SAMR Inc Contact: Albert Boufarah
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