UXReactor Client-Partner CloudKnox Joins Microsoft

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / UXReactor, an award-winning user experience (UX) design firm, commends its cybersecurity client-partner CloudKnox for its recent acquisition by Microsoft. Five years ago, UXReactor partnered with CloudKnox to conceptualize and prototype its first product and help launch its initial fundraising round. This week, Microsoft is taking a significant step to improve cloud security by offering unified privileges access and cloud entitlement management with CloudKnox.

“What began as a back-of-the-napkin cybersecurity product idea has transformed into an incredibly successful venture, and we congratulate CloudKnox on joining the Microsoft family,” said Satyam Kantamneni, Managing Partner and Chief Experience Officer at UXReactor. “At UXReactor, we believe the success of our client-partners is the most significant measure of our success, and CloudKnox is a shining example of this work and partnership in action.”

UXReactor transforms global B2B enterprises by helping teams and organizations optimize their focus on the end-user, empowering organizations to deliver useful, usable, and desirable products that drive measurable business impacts. With a global presence across three continents, a dynamic 50-member team, and its proprietary framework called PragmaticUX, UXReactor has helped more than 30 organizations revolutionize digital experiences and drive business impacts such as higher user adoption, retention, efficiency, and engagement.

ClouxKnox is a leader in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). It helps organizations right-size permissions and consistently enforce least-privilege principles to reduce risk, thereby strengthening Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to cloud security.

“We enjoy partnering with companies at the idea stage and helping them turn ideas into groundbreaking products while accelerating business growth and success,” Kantamneni added. “Kudos to Balaji Parimi, founder and CEO, and the CloudKnox team for their revolutionary work in the security space. It’s an incredible milestone.”


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