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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Life was tough for a lot of people during the pandemic in 2020. While we aren’t 100% out of it yet, there were many important lessons and observations gleaned from that challenging period.

For one, we witnessed millions of people lose their jobs, their health, and their financial security. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns really revealed how fragile our economies and employment situations really were. It also highlighted in no uncertain terms that the oldway of doing things isn’t the only way to do things anymore.

One of the biggest things was forced transition from in-person learning to online learning. The past year accelerated this transition with a major shift to distributed online learning. Through the entrepreneurial energy of people all over the globe, technologies and techniques have cropped up over the past 18 months to really support online learning and improve learning outcomes to match and even exceed in-person learning for certain use cases.

Drawing from my past entrepreneurial experience in the education industry and things I saw during the pandemic, I was inspired to co-create LearnDay to address these issues, with certified quality online education for everyone.

From day one, the mission of LearnDay is about creating on-ramps to the ‘American’ dream without requiring a slow and expensive four-year college degree.

Over the past few decades, we have seen the cost of post-secondary education rising to levels far outpacing inflation with no underlying innovation or increase in the quality of education or learning outcomes as it relates to finding gainful employment afterwards. Often, what you learn in college is out-dated by the time you graduate. This is especially true for emerging and rapidly growing industries like technology.

LearnDay was created to solve this problem in two ways:

  1. We created employment-ready education focusing on micro-credentialing in emerging technologies like Blockchain & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These micro-credentials are designed to be rapidly deployable and constantly updated with the latest industry knowledge to ensure students always receive employment ready education which are directly applicable to new and existing roles.
  2. We also developed training courses for regulated industries like insurance, health/fitness, and financial services. These programs serve as a ‘shortcut’ to rewarding and well-respected careers without requiring an expensive college degree. We align with regulators to develop curriculum directly applicable to the jurisdictions licensing requirements and students who complete the courses, obtain a license or certificate to practice as a healthcare practitioner, financial services advisor, insurance broker, and other stable occupations.

While these might seem like large goals, we are well on our way to achieving them. Since we started on our mission we’ve helped thousands of people build financially secure careers in financial services.

To date, we have over:

  • $800,000 USD in sales.
  • 11,000+ accounts on our learning platform.
  • 24,000+ enrollments.

This is just the beginning. Today we have launched our crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, https://wefunder.com/learnday. With your support of LearnDay, we will be able to accelerate our growth exponentially by:

  • Accelerating our regulated training for insurance and financial services across the US and worldwide.
  • Launching new employment-ready micro-credentialing courses for the latest emerging technologies across other disciplines such as CSR, Blockchain, Sustainable Energy Technologies, etc.
  • Launch regulated training products for other industries and verticals to be inclusive of those who want to pursue other passions like healthcare or fitness.
  • Develop a mobile application to encourage ongoing learning and to also enhance the student learning experience making it more convenient to study and learn on the go.

We believe we can help revolutionize education.

The cost of education has outpaced inflation without any underlying innovation or increase in consumer satisfaction (NPS score). The outcome of higher learning is disconnected and not job ready. Universities are becoming more exclusive by reducing enrollments and increasing tuition. We believe LearnDay is the solution for these issues. We are thinking big and working hard to create a platform for everyone, that 1. encourages learning for life that allows students to study on the go at their own pace, 2.provides job-ready training helping people acquire respectable professions via job ready certifications recognized by industry (sometimes in partnership with post-secondary institutions) plus training for regulated industries (come out and work as an insurance broker, financial advisor, fitness professional, healthcare, etc.) May I present to you again, LearnDay, changing HIGHER education to HIRE education.

Thank you for your time.

Jack Wong
CEO LearnDay

Hire Education and Learning for Life LearnDay (www.learnday.com) is online education company. Our mission is simple yet powerful, 1. Build an online education platform for certified and regulated industries that promotes learning lifelong skills in an ever-changing workplace. 2. Provide a platform to encourage and deliver learning for life. Our core business is currently based on regulated insurance agent training through, our wholly owned subsidiary, www.pnclearning.com.

There is no single path to expertise, be it a diploma or degree as the skills required to face tomorrow’s challenges will be new and different. Therefore, our goal is to educate and empower people, wherever they may live, certify their qualifications through recognized institutions and regulated bodies across the world. We are passionate about bringing a new dimension to online education and its worth to the student and employers alike. In fact, we believe there is a revolution going on in education and we plan on leading the way.

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