Xircus Creates the First Multi-Chain DAO With Marketplaces for Customized, Tokenized Assets to Help Creative Professionals Sell NTFs

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2021 / Selling artwork at a value worth $69.3 million on Christie’s in April, Beeple has inspired other digital content creators to sell their own work with NFTs. Content creators, including musicians, artists, influencers and other creative professionals often want to provide certificates of authenticity for the work they create. With a non-fungible token, content creators are able to give digital tokens containing information about their work that cannot be replicated or tampered with by anyone but them.

While the process of creating NFTs to sell “creative assets” is a unique and innovative way to digitize these items, it also comes with its share of challenges that include cost and limitations. All popular NFT marketplaces charge a commission, benefiting the marketplace operators more than creators. On average, if an NFT creator sells a token for $100 USD, they pocket $60 or less of that money. The only people not benefiting from a blockchain-based NFT marketplace seem to be the creators, such as artists and musicians.

When an NFT creator sells their tokens directly, they’ve given up on the opportunity to sell them at a higher price via a token marketplace. One of the problems with this idea is that NFT creators will need to create an online store where buyers can participate in auctions, make bids, and so on. It’s a lot more costly to build from scratch.

Xircus, a blockchain-based startup, has created an intuitive platform for anyone to create and launch their own NFT marketplace. This is to help creators sell NFTs directly to buyers. Xircus is a multi-chain gamified DAO with a first of its kind decentralized software as a service (DSaaS) model that allows for individuals, brands, and startups to create custom NFT marketplaces.

When asked how Xircus helps NFT creators, Co-founder Falco Pangkey said: “NFTs are one of the most popular use cases of blockchain technology. Traditional NFT marketplaces that provide access to this new class of digital assets solve many problems but one – providing power and control to stakeholders like individual content creators, brands, artists, and influencers. It is where Xircus steps in and eliminates the undue influence of intermediary platforms by allowing users to easily create a custom NFT marketplace ecosystem free of cost and without having to write a single code.”

Michael Molina, Xircus Co-founder and CTO added, “Unlike typical NFT marketplaces, on the Xircus platform, creators have absolute control – they can also add custom features to their NFT marketplace ecosystem and decide NFT price and payment terms.

Last week, Xircus also shared a demonstration video explaining how to create and launch a personalized NFT marketplace on the platform. The team is planning to go live in the coming week.

About Xircus:
Xircus is the world’s first multi-chain, gamified blockchain-based network that allows users to create custom-made blockchains. In a few easy steps, Xircus users can create and launch their own personalised NFT marketplaces at ease without any cost. Xircus is a singular and dynamic automated platform that enables those in the creative industry to create a singular marketplace for their personalized NFTs.

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