24/7 Coverage Of Reactions And Translations From Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Chinese, And Terrorist Media To Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan – And To Kabul Airport Bombing – Can Be Found On The MEMRI Trending Website

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2021 / The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) continues to feature on its Trending page dozens of reports and clips of leaders and terrorist groups reacting to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s takeover of the country, and the Kabul airport bombing. These reactions – ranging from praise for the Taliban to condemnation of the U.S. withdrawal – are from the Arab world, South Asia, Iran, China, Russia, and elsewhere, and from jihadi groups including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Group For Support Of Islam And Muslims (GSIM), Tansiqat Al-Jihad, and others.

This extensive output is from multiple MEMRI projects, including the South Asia Studies, Russian Media Studies, Chinese Media Studies, Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), and Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) projects. New research is being added to our massive archives around the clock.

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New MEMRI Jihad & Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Reports On Afghanistan:

Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Greets Afghan Taliban Leaders On Their Victory In Afghanistan, Says: ‘This Is The Pious Moment Which The Muslim Ummah… Had Been Waiting For A Century’

Reacting to ISIS Suicide Bombing In Kabul, Pro-ISIS Media Outlets Launch Campaign To Celebrate ‘The Grand Martyrdom Attack,’ Key Al-Qaeda Supporter Rejoices In Death Of Americans, Pro-Taliban Clerics Accuse ISIS Of Collaborating With The West

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Kabul Airport Bombing, Releases Photo Of Suicide Bomber Who Detonated Explosive Belt Five Meters Away U.S. Forces Processing Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Afghans

Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Celebrates Attacks At Kabul Airport With U.S. Soldiers Reported Among Casualties, Mocks Taliban’s Pledge To Prevent Afghanistan From Being Base For Terrorism

Taliban Spokesman: We Will Bring Perpetrators Of Kabul Airport Bombings to Justice

English-Speaking Jihadis Discuss Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan; ISIS Supporters Remain Skeptical: The Taliban Are ‘No Different Than Cross Worshippers’; They Are Not The Same People ‘Who Fought Alongside Sheikh Osama [Bin Laden]’

Al-Qaeda-Aligned Foreign Fighters In Syria: The Taliban Is A Model Of Devotion And Fortitude

Pro- Al-Qaeda Outlet Congratulates Taliban For Defeating ‘America’s Massive Military Arsenal,’ Salutes Al-Qaeda Affiliates For Making ‘The Islamic Caliphate More Tangible Than Ever’

Threatening Taliban, Pro-ISIS Media Group Highlights Collapse Of Afghan Army, Says ISKP Fighters Now To Fight ‘Apostate’ Group Only

Al-Qaeda-Aligned Kurdish Battalions In Iran, Iraq Congratulate The Taliban: You Forced Biden To Acknowledge That Afghanistan Is Graveyard Of Empires

Doha-Based Islamist Al Jazeera Reporter Celebrates Return Of Taliban Leaders To Afghanistan From Qatar ‘After 20 Years Of Resistance’

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Congratulates The Taliban, Afghan People For Liberating Afghanistan From ‘Occupation And Its Allies,’ Urges International Community To Side With Nations Against Oppressors

Telegram Channels Affiliated With Shi’ite Militias In Iraq Publish Graphics Showing PM Al-Kadhimi Fleeing Iraq By Clinging To Airplane, Imagine Headline: ‘America Evacuates Baghdad Embassy’

Council For Displaced Syrians Congratulates Taliban, Calls On U.S. To Reconsider Its Policies In The Region

Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Congratulates Taliban On ‘Blessed Victory’ In Afghanistan, Hails Them For Not Abandoning Al-Qaeda ‘Brothers,’ Urges Them To Implement Shari’a

Foreign Fighters In Syria Express Support For Taliban And Their Victory In Afghanistan

Indian Daily: Large Number Of Jihadis Belonging To Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT And Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) Entered Kabul Carrying Afghan Taliban Flag

Jihadi Groups Across The Middle East React To Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan: From Celebration As Victory For All Muslims And Model Of Successful Armed Jihad To Claims Of Tacit U.S. Support

ISIS Editorial Decries Taliban’s ‘Delusional Victory’ Praised By Al-Qaeda, Claims U.S. Created ‘New Taliban’ Model To Fight Islamic State After Failure Of Muslim Brotherhood

Pro-Al-Qaeda Magazine Celebrates Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan: ‘After 20 Years Of War, America Has Been Defeated’

Syria-Based Al-Qaeda Supporter Advises Taliban Not To Share Power With Former Enemies, Suggests Killing Them

Refraining From Mentioning Taliban, Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) And Group For Support Of Islam And Muslims (GSIM) Congratulate Afghan People On U.S. ‘Defeat,’ Emphasize: Islamic Shari’a Should Be The Governing System

Kabul-Based Taliban Supporter With Dual U.S. And Afghan Citizenship Urges Taliban Leadership To Adopt Bitcoin, Solicits Donations Via ‘Samourai Wallet’

Al-Qaeda’s Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) Congratulates Taliban For Victory Over U.S. In Afghanistan, Praises It As Role Model

As Taliban Consolidate Power, Pro-ISIS Media Group Disputes Taliban Claim Of Implementing Shari’a: They Will Abrogate Islamic Punishments To Please The West

Syria-Based Kurdish Jihadi Group Ansar Al-Islam Congratulates Taliban For Victory In Afghanistan, Stresses It Faces Greater Tests Than In The Past

Five Media Outlets Affiliated With Al-Qaeda Congratulate Taliban For Victory In Afghanistan, Wish Them Success “For The Sake Of The Islamic Nation”

ISIS Supporters Eulogize As Martyr Former Governor Of Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) Killed By Afghan Taliban, Declare ISKP Will Defeat Taliban

Afghan Taliban’s Official Statements Issued On The Day Kabul Fell

Jihadi Clerics, Al-Qaeda Supporters Continue Celebrating Taliban Taking Over Afghanistan As HTS Supporters Relaunch Recruitment Campaign Urging Syrians To Follow In Taliban’s Footsteps

Syria-Based Tansiqat Al-Jihad Congratulates Taliban On Victory In Afghanistan, Urges Jihadi Groups Elsewhere Never To Give Up

On Telegram, Iran-Backed Shi’ite Militias Warn Iraqis: The U.S. Will Abandon You, Just As They Are Abandoning Afghans

Jihadis Rejoice At Distressing Scenes Of Afghan Civilians At Kabul Airport, Warns All Local Contractors For U.S. Forces In The Region: This Will Be Your Fate

Syrian Jihadis, Al-Qaeda Supporters Celebrate Afghan Taliban’s Takeovers Of Prisons And Presidential Palace, Compare Evacuation Of U.S. Embassy In Kabul To Exit From Vietnam

Pro-Al-Qaeda Thabat Magazine Glorifies Recent Taliban Gains In Afghanistan Following U.S. Withdrawal

Al-Qaeda Supporter Celebrates Afghan Taliban’s Return To Kabul, Vows Mujahideen Will Conquer All Islamic Capitals And Capture Rome

Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Outlets Celebrate Taliban’s Seizure Of Helicopter, American- And Iranian-Made Drones

Article In Pro-Al-Qaeda Weekly: U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Bursts Its Bubble As The World’s Strongest Superpower

In New Release, Group For Support Of Islam And Muslims (GSIM) Leader Describes France’s Withdrawal From Mali As A Failure, Congratulates The Taliban On U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Calls On Muslims ‘To Rise Up To Wage Jihad Against France, Jews, Crusaders, And Apostates’

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Murder Of Translator For U.S. Forces -Turned Government Clerk In Afghanistan

Pro-Al-Qaeda Essay Urges Supporters To Coordinate “Media Jihad” Efforts, Claims Taliban’s “Victory” In Afghanistan Is Harbinger Of Ultimate Al-Qaeda Triumph

New MEMRI Daily Briefs On Afghanistan:

After The Fall Of Kabul – The Afghan Taliban’s Crimes In The Early Days

The Afghan Taliban’s Goal Is To Establish A Sunni Islamic Theocratic State – They Do Not Believe In Power-Sharing With A Democratically Elected Government – From The MEMRI Archives

Qatar: The ‘Stealth’ Pro-Islamist Subverter – A MEMRI Daily Brief On Qatar And The Taliban From The MEMRI Archives

The Taliban Victory – Made In USA

The Taliban Are The Future

New MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Reports On Afghanistan:

Exploiting U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Islamic State-Taliban Fight To Establish Islamic Caliphate To Intensify

U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Invigorates Leading Jihadis To Follow Taliban’s Model: Insight Into The Narrative Of Salafi Jihadi Clerics And Shi’ite Militias

New MEMRI Special Dispatches On Afghanistan:

Egyptian Liberal: The Taliban Are ‘Hostile To Life’; Whoever Celebrates Their Victory Needs His Head Examined

CCP Media Outlet ‘Global Times’: U.S. Abandonment Of Afghanistan Is A Lesson For Taiwan

Russia Security Council Secretary Patrushev: The Overconfident Americans Botched Up Everything In Afghanistan, American Allies Should Take Notice

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is A Lesson For American Allies In Lebanon, Region – America Would Rather Suffer A ‘Historic And Humiliating Defeat’ Than Fight On Behalf Of Others

Qatar’s Protégés – Hamas Officials, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Jazeera Reporters – Praise Taliban’s ‘Jihad’ And ‘Victory’; Journalists, Liberals In Response: They Should Move To Kabul

Al-Jazeera Reporters Celebrate ‘Taliban Victory’, ‘U.S. Defeat’ As Historic Triumph For Islamic Ummah

Taliban Spokesman Mohammad Naeem: It Is Unreasonable To Deny Afghanistan Of Foreign Aid If The Taliban Implements The Shari’a – Islam Is The Faith Of The People

Articles In Arab Press: U.S. Defeat In Afghanistan Was Expected, Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Russian Afghanistan Expert Asatryan: Experiment In Conciliating The Taliban Is Doomed, Russia Will Revert To ‘Natural Policy’ Of Aiding The Taliban’s Enemies

Pakistani Writer Syed Akhtar Ali Shah Urges United Nations To Quash The U.S.-Taliban Pact, Says: ‘The UN Must Impose Restrictions [On Afghan Taliban] And Rescind The Doha Agreement’

Former Afghan MP Shukria Barakzai: U.S. Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad ‘Committed A Historically Unforgivable Mistake’ And ‘For Afghan Public Opinion, Mr. Khalilzad Is The Person Primarily Responsible For The War’

Kashmiri Leaders Tell Pro-Taliban Urdu Daily: ‘Like [American Withdrawal From] Afghanistan, The [Indian] Occupation Forces Will Have To Leave Kashmir Too’

New MEMRI Clips On Afghanistan:

Turkey-Based Egyptian Political Analyst Islam Al-Ghamri: The American Withdrawal from Afghanistan Signals the Decline of the “American Era,” and Possibly Its Disintegration – like the USSR

Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: The World Will Accept The Expulsion Of Israel, Like It Accepted The Expulsion Of The U.S. By The Taliban; Gulf Leaders Will Be Forced To Flee Like Ashraf Ghani

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada Calls For Support Of The ‘Mujahideen’ In Afghanistan, Adds: The Jews And The Christians Are Our Enemies

Iran TV Host Berates Taliban Spokesman Mohammad Naeem Over Taliban Record Of Abusing Women And Ethnic Minorities; Naeem: Iranians Would Also Hang From The Plane If They Were Given The Chance To Go To America

British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan: Kabul Airport Events Will Repeat At Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport; Israelis Should Learn To Swim; Arafat Told Me In 1995 That I Would Live To See The Israelis Fleeing Palestine Like ‘Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship’

In an Al-Aqsa Mosque Address, Palestinian Islamic Scholar Sheikh Issam Amira Urges The Taliban To Declare An Islamic Caliphate, Have The Rulers Of Pakistan ‘Kicked Out,’ And Come To Liberate Jerusalem

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi: Pakistan Is A Victim Of The War On Terror; It Is Not Pakistan’s Fault That The Afghans Did Not Have The Will To Fight

British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan: If The U.S. Does Stupid Things Like Freezing Afghan Assets, The Taliban Might Turn Into A Terrorist Organization

Taliban Official Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa Ahead Of American Withdrawal: Had We Known ISIS Was Based In Eastern Afghanistan, We Would Have Fought It; We Want Good Relations With Neighboring Muslim Countries Like Iran

Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil: America Thought It Could Bring Democracy, Human Dignity, Human Rights To ‘Extremist Islamic Wasteland’ Of Afghanistan – This Was Unrealistic

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is A Lesson For American Allies In Lebanon, Region – America Would Rather Suffer A “Historic And Humiliating Defeat” Than Fight On Behalf Of Others

Qatari Sociologist Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari: The Taliban Gained Victory After Waging Jihad Since 1997 – All The Problems In The World Can Be Resolved Only By Force And Jihad

Turkey-Based Egyptian Islamic Scholar Wagdi Ghoneim: We Ask Allah To Complete The Victory Of The Taliban Over America And The Infidel West; They Are Mujahideen And We Are The Nation of Jihad

Chinese TV Host: American Withdrawal and Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Proves that America Is a Paper Tiger that Betrays Its Allies; China Will Play a Constructive Role in Rebuilding Afghanistan, Restoring Peace

Former Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Abolfazl Zohrevand: Iran Respects the Choice of the Afghan People, Will Cooperate with the Taliban

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Condemns Iran’s “Indirect” Support of the Taliban, Adds: The Taliban Is the Greatest Threat to the Region and to Iran

Taliban Spokesman Mohammad Naeem: It Is Unreasonable To Deny Afghanistan Of Foreign Aid If The Taliban Implements The Shari’a – Islam Is The Faith Of The People

Mohammad Mohaqiq, Political And Security Advisor To The President Of Afghanistan: The Taliban Does Not Want Peace In Afghanistan – It Wants To Control The Country Through War


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