AI Clearing Announces Strategic Global Partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation

  • Solves challenges across large infrastructure projects by leveraging the strong compatibility between ​​AI Clearing’s AI-based construction progress tracking solution and DMI’s sustainable, long endurance hydrogen-powered drone products
  • Partnership will deliver meaningful insights into construction sites previously inaccessible due to project size and the process of human supervision
  • AI Clearing’s industry-first platform will integrate with DMI drone products to deliver significant cost savings, prevention of delays and budget overruns

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AI Clearing, a market leader in automated analytics for large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, today announced a global partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation, Inc. (DMI), part of leading industrial corporation Doosan Group.

The partnership will integrate AI Clearing’s AI-powered construction progress monitoring capabilities into DMI’s first-of-a-kind hydrogen-powered drone products to deliver granular visibility for large infrastructure projects. Hydrogen-powered drones are able to stay airborne for more than 2 hours which is 3-4 times longer than LiPo (lithium-ion polymer) drones, alleviating the need for multiple batteries and launch points. Collectively, the efficiency and visibility of the joint solution provides construction teams with valuable, near real-time aerial data insights.

Many construction teams still rely on human-based surveying and data processing, which is prone to error and manipulation and can only cover part of the construction site. When up to 80% of such projects run over budget, there’s a growing market need to more efficiently collect accurate data that can serve as a single source of truth, providing improved visibility towards managing progress and identifying potential disruptions.

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Data Sources Provides Unique Digital Insights

AI Clearing provides construction teams with an AI-powered system for near real-time civil works and infrastructure construction progress tracking. The scale of these projects are significant in area, duration and cost, which means that any deviation from original estimates can potentially result in huge losses. AI Clearing’s system leverages full automation in comparing drone images with schedules and designs, providing teams with full visibility into the work that’s been completed and spot any discrepancies to design.

The AI Clearing platform offers seamless integration of multiple data sources including GIS, drone data and design information to generate unique and fully digital insights across large infrastructure and energy projects, providing construction teams with near real-time updates on onsite progress. By jointly offering AI Clearing’s solution with DMI’s hydrogen-powered drones, project teams will be able to derive even greater value out of already available data.

“Many construction teams find data gathering with drones challenging as they have to change batteries very often which takes time. Combining DMI’s hardware with AI Clearing’s software solution allows our clients access to near real-time reporting remotely,” said Michael Mazur, CEO & Co-Founder at AI Clearing. “We are very proud to form a partnership with a company from the Doosan Group, which was founded in 1896 and is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world.”

DMI delivers commercial drone platforms with fuel cell powerpacks to maximize drone performance for industrial and inspection operations. DMI’s hydrogen-powered drones have the ability to stay airborne much longer than traditional drones, and can be charged within 3 minutes by simply replacing the hydrogen tank, making them especially suitable for industrial applications. Many drones are limited by short flight periods and minimal analytics capabilities, which creates challenges in inspecting commercial and industrial environments.

In addition, the combination of DMI with AI Clearing allows construction teams to process all of their data quickly with AI. The strong compatibility between the two technologies enables the delivery of meaningful insights that are difficult to get due to the sheer size of these projects and the process of human supervision.

“Companies that have come to realize business value derived through data gathered by drones are increasingly demanding longer flight time. This is the case for sites difficult to access in one flight, sites where efficiency is significantly reduced with battery drones due to large scale, or when you want to perform multiple missions using long flight time.” said Doo Soon Lee, CEO at Doosan Mobility Innovation. “The combination of AI Clearing’s AI-powered construction progress monitoring solution and DMI’s long endurance drone solution will meet these growing client needs and open up more opportunities for drone industrialization.”

The joint effort will also focus on R&D with an aim to enable edge computing for construction progress that was previously impossible due to limitations in computing power and the distance capabilities of most drones. The industry-first solution will also significantly increase the speed of construction progress reporting to real-time.

Customers managing large construction and infrastructure projects will find great value in the synergies between the two companies’ geographic network, industry focus and product offerings. The joint solution aims to enable autonomous drones to gather enormously large data sets on a single flight daily while AI Clearing’s system will be able to generate progress reports within minutes.

About AI Clearing

AI Clearing, Inc. offers a proprietary solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze images and data from construction designs and work sites, enabling contractors, developers and investors to track the progress of infrastructure projects up to 144 times faster than through human-powered processes. The Austin-based company with a Research and Development center in Warsaw, Poland, was established in 2019. For more information, please visit

About Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan Mobility Innovation creates the world’s first commercialized hydrogen fuel cell system for drones, which have 2-hours of flight time four times than battery drones. With long endurance, DMI’s hydrogen drones are utilized in various industrial fields including utility inspection, delivery, environmental monitoring, and public safety. Based on this green technology, DMI successfully launched its products in USA, China and Korea in 2019 and will expand its business globally.


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