Alien Doge introduces the FIRST NFT Escrow, and the ICO on 8th August

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2021 / There is a new player in the Defi industry that’s taking the crypto world by storm, Game-Fi. A cross between decentralized finance and the gaming industry. The growth of Game-Fi has been rapidly increasing over the past 30 days. If you wanted to look at something interesting, then this project can be looked upon. We all know the recent hype around the Doge coin after major personalities made it public that they themselves have got themselves in the race.

Alien Doge is proud to introduced 3 unique utilities that make the project a great option. Introducing the first NFT escrow.

Firstly, the Alien Doge interstellar marketplace. The developers have teamed up with local amateur astronomers to create NFT’s of all the discovered, (new and old) planets in the universe. They will be minting an NFT of each planet, releasing new worlds every day!

The Perfect Marketplace

This is the perfect marketplace for all ages of individuals interested in astrology and astrophysics. And the coolest part is, the Alien Doge team is in the process of creating their native gaming platform,” Master of the Universe”. This is where the marketplace and the game come together.

On the marketplace you are only eligible to access certain galaxies to purchase planets if you have a spaceship with enough power to make it there. Everyone will have access to the planets and stars in the milky-way, but if you want to go further you need a ship. You can purchase and upgrade your spaceship in the marketplace to make the trip out of the milky-way to access distant worlds.

The game has both a free and pro version and could be accessed either on a desktop or on your smartphone as an app on IOS or Android. In the pro version of the game, you can stake your assets in the very first NFT escrow and challenge your opponents to battle, where the winner takes all. But be careful when traveling through the dark matter of the universe. Unknown objects and entities lurk in the shadows. Neutron Stars, Blackholes, asteroids and Comets to name a few.

Some of those items will also minted in the marketplace for purchase, so make sure you do your research before challenging an opponent to battle.

Alien Doge is also a great tool to teach children about the universe and what lies beyond this world. Now everyone can own their own planet once it’s officially released. There is going to be an ICO on August 8th 2021, so for getting Alien Doge, it’s the best time.

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