AltaFin Launches AFN Token ICO, Earn Lending

LEHI, Utah, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sustainable crypto saving platform AltaFin (AFN) announced that it has publicly launched it’s self-hosted cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO).

“We are thrilled to have publicly launched our cryptocurrency and respective Earn saving platform,” said Jeremy Crane, CEO and Founder of AltaFin. “This important milestone allows AltaFin to publicly commence its core mission of pushing the frontier of cryptocurrency innovations in the fintech space, starting with sustainable cryptocurrency saving powered by our crypto token AltaFin.”

This cryptocurrency launch coincides with the launch of AltaFin’s sustainable cryptocurrency saving platform and Earn saving product. AltaFin Earn saving provides up to 22% APY interest in Base and Bonus digital assets, calculated daily, and redeemable every 7 days. Currently Earn saving pays out interest in Base USDC and Bonus AFN digital assets.

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AltaFin is on a mission to launch the world’s first high-APY sustainable cryptocurrency saving platform, powered by AltaFin Token. AltaFin is a fintech company focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their combined broader application across the global economy. With AltaFin, people can earn sustainable interest on crypto assets via Earn saving.



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