Block Ape Scissors Giving Cryptocurrency Coins a Platform to be Used in Fun and Exciting Gaming Environments

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2021 / Cryptocurrency has seen exponential growth since it became a method of storing value, and Bitcoin experienced the growth it has over the last decade. Since then, many other cryptocurrency tokens have sprung up, with some having beneficial and high-value use-cases while others have nothing like that and May amount to nothing in the long run. However, the biggest issue to grapple with is that users end up investing in many of these coins, whether they’re good or not and ultimately leads to losing money. To arrest this problem and proffer a direct solution, Block Ape Scissors was established as the knight in shining armor to give users value for their investments, even in the not-so-good tokens.

Established by Matthew Hutchins, Block Ape Scissors aims to become a Blockchain ecosystem that creates multiple revenue models in dynamic and fun environments. These environments are expected to integrate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into a Play-to-Earn 2.0 system. In the Block Ape Scissors ecosystem, holders of cryptocurrency tokens own a part of a decentralized company and earn part of the revenue the company makes.

“Owners assist us with shaping the future of our project. The farming implementation takes the best of DeFi 1.0 and augments the Play-to-Earn model over the top with a Gaming engine to grind out rewards. Fees earned by the platform go to farming and staking pools for BAS holders to earn coins and BAS for their efforts. NFTs can be applied both in-game and on the farms to boost value and give players edges in certain situations,” Matthew Hutchins explained.

Solving the utility problem in the cryptocurrency space is one of the most revolutionary ideas to hit the fore. Many investors have been scammed or rug pulled into HODLing tokens with either no use case or value. Block Ape Scissors prevents these issues through its fun platform, where the owners receive rewards for these tokens. The biggest beneficiary in this arrangement is the Binance Smart Chain by giving NFTs more exposure beyond art. Block Ape Scissors aims to give NFTs utility and purpose by inventing value-driven applications and purposes for their NFTs within its ecosystem.

‘We aim to give the NFTs we generate intrinsic value through their rarity and purpose, which will drive secondary and tertiary markets for those that have spent hours working to earn them,’ Matthew said.

Block Ape Scissors sets itself apart by being the first to implement a variable tax system with smart contract tax switches that go to doxxed multi-sign wallets for specific purposes based on project initiatives. It also promises a fast-action, fun, and engaging game for all users.

“Our ecosystem is also designed to eliminate the sell pressure from the model. With the Block Ape Scissors token, users have access to all aspects of the platform for utility such as in-game bonuses, assets and specific entries for VIP tournaments,” Matthew said. “The biggest takeaway in all of this is that Block Ape Scissors will create one big community of token owners from shitcoins, dead coins, meme coins, altcoins and rugs that have no utility other than what we have now enabled through Block Ape Scissors.”

With many high-profile beneficial partnerships in the works, Block Ape Scissors aims to extend into multiple branches of entertainment and gaming, including virtual reality and augmented reality. The company has also partnered with many Twitch streamers and gaming YouTubers who all look forward to the exciting days ahead.

Learn more about Block Ape Scissors on the official website.

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