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The Union, New Jersey-based electronics disposal company provided expert consultation to produce an informative online essay.

UNION, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2021 / It is with much enthusiasm that Union, New Jersey-based electronics recycling company Computer Recycling announces that it has made a significant contribution to an informative new article. According to the company’s official spokesperson Cheryl Thomson, Computer Recycling worked hand-in-hand with journalist and business blogger Ivan Widjaya to compose the piece. The article, which is entitled Computer Recycling Is Helping Students Start Off the School Year, made its debut on August 5, 2021. It was published by a noted online periodical that concentrates on matters relevant to small business owners.

At the outset of the article, the author highlights why the proper recycling of tech devices is relevant to students, coupling the issue of safely disposing of electronic waste (e-waste) with the modern problem of keeping personal information secure. ‘Electronic waste recycling is encouraged at schools because it helps keep sensitive data out of nefarious hands while ensuring a healthier environment for all of us,’ he writes, later explaining, ‘Computing devices can be successfully recycled when using the right process. Simply throwing laptops or desktops in with standard trash is not in anyone’s best interest, and illegal in most places. For proper e-waste and laptop recycling, a viable option is a company with over two decades of experience such as Computer Recycling.’

Toward the end of the piece, the issues of eco-friendliness, decluttering, and the new paradigm for student learning created by the COVID-19 pandemic are neatly tied together. ‘With the start of the new school year right around the corner, making space for new devices is important. A fresh start is an opportunity for students to obtain new electronic devices that are helpful for the complex post-pandemic learning process,’ writes the author, concluding, ‘By responsibly handling electronic waste, anyone can easily protect the environment while eliminating clutter.’

Anyone who would like to read the full text of the article can find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Computer Recycling or interested in examining a full and detailed list of the services it provides is encouraged to visit the company’s official website.

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Computer Recycling is a leading electronics recycling company committed to helping customers dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment. Offering a wide range of innovative recycling solutions, our team of industry-leading professionals provides exceptional customer service, flexible storage options, and fair pricing. Using our certified data wiping capabilities, we ensure all sensitive information is removed and that all electronics are disposed of safely and responsibly.

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