David Energy Launches in NY and NJ

David Energy launches retail supply offering in NY and NJ and integrates its services with Enerex’s trusted, secure system

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–David Energy announces it is now serving customers in NY and NJ as a retail energy supplier with their first of a kind “Shared Savings” product. By combining demand response, retail energy supply, and energy management software, David Energy is able to provide significant value for their customer base.

David Energy’s “Shared Savings” contract leads to commercial customers saving up to 10% on their electricity bills. David Energy’s team will install smart thermostats and their software platform, Mycor, at no upfront cost, enabling customers to enroll in demand response programs, lower capacity tags, and save on utility demand charges. All of this is handled automatically and in real-time via Mycor, which provides deep insights into customer spending and consumption patterns while providing a simple and first of its kind online consolidated billing process. This novel product will give an advantage to any customer working with David Energy.

In order to facilitate their offering, David Energy is also announcing connectivity as the latest supplier to integrate their services into Enerex’s Exchange platform and the first supplier to leverage the Exchange LIVE software offering, formerly CORE Marketplace. Exchange LIVE is a Broker Portal as a Service that enables Supplier’s to provide their Broker partners/vendors with a branded experience to enter in Requests for Pricing (RFPs). In addition to this functionality, Exchange LIVE is connected with Enerex’s Exchange – the only commercial connectivity solution for retail energy data, allowing Enerex’s 120+ Brokerage Firm Customers and suppliers to securely share information via a trusted central hub. As a thought-leading supplier, David Energy’s investment in Enerex’s Broker Portal as a Service will help streamline pricing requests with all retail energy brokers.

David Energy is excited to announce this partnership, and will be looking to expand its offering in MA and TX in the coming months.

About Enerex

Enerex is Retail Energy’s trusted data platform, providing secure connectivity the entire value chain: Brokers, Suppliers, Agents, Customers and Utilities to drive efficient transactions. Their flagship service, Sparkplug is the #1 retail energy sales platform in the world, powering over 10% of US commercial and industrial (C&I) transactions. Exchange is the only commercial connectivity solution for retail energy data, allowing brokers and suppliers to securely share information via a trusted central hub.

For more information about Enerex, visit https://enerex.com/

About David Energy

David Energy was founded on the belief that we are at the dawn of a transformational period on the electricity grid. David Energy’s software platform leverages distributed energy resources such as smart thermostats, battery storage, EV chargers, and more to lower cap tags and demand charges while participating in Demand Response programs. The platform provides deep insights into spending and consumption patterns while providing a simple and seamless billing process that is a first of its kind.

David Energy works primarily with SMB customers such as quick serve restaurants, gyms and recreational facilities, and retail store fronts. They also have a large portfolio of commercial and industrial customers, from large office buildings in midtown Manhattan to industrial manufacturing plants on Long Island and universities in New Jersey.

For more information, visit https://www.davidenergy.com/


Chaitu Parikh, President of David Energy Supply: chaitu@davidenergy.com
James McGinniss, CEO: james@davidenergy.com

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