DeHive Launches a Platform with the First Crypto Cluster

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2021 / On August 25th DeHive, a multi-chain asset management protocol that developed the first crypto Cluster, launched the DeHive platform V1.

DeHive platform is a safe space where a user can control a decentralized and diversified portfolio of crypto assets through a simple unified interface.

The platform is running on a unique first-to-market decentralized crypto сluster protocol that also provides asset management with built-in staking and yield farming opportunities.

DeHive Cluster

The essence of the DeHive protocol is the Cluster that comprises leading DeFi assets. Those are carefully selected by internal experts and acquired by an in-built system of oracles, including the Uniswap oracle. As a result, the Cluster is backed by a set of crypto assets optimal for passive income generation.

The DeHive Cluster was developed aiming to facilitate the trading process as much as possible. Its main goal is to bring users maximum profit with minimum effort. Thus, with one Cluster, users cover a particular segment of the promising DeFi assets selected by DeHive specialists in proportions based on solid mathematical and econometric equations.

Besides, the platform incentivizes users to compose their own Clusters. With DeHive, creators will be able to use their own set of tokens and model for proportions and balancing amounts. Eventually, such custom Clusters will be voted as a proposal in the DAO contracts by the whole community.

Yield farming and staking with DeHive

The DeHive platform will provide users with an effective strategy to stake the Cluster and benefit from yield farming opportunities. In addition, users will be able to stake DHV – DeHive native token – on the platform.

Yield farming allows DeHive users to boost their passive income while holding the Cluster. If a user decides to stake their Clusters, the platform will operate with the underlying assets, sending them to yield farming protocols using the strategies developed by DeHive experts.

According to a staking contract, users lock their Cluster assets together with the supporting amount of DHV. The system incentivizes those who stake with the amount of DHV proportional to the stake. Users can unstake their funds at any time, returning both the Cluster and the staked DHV.

DeHive Platform V1

Having conducted a closed beta and made amendments after users’ feedback, the DeHive team is releasing the first version of the platform available to the general public.

DeHive platform V1 has all the essential features necessary for acquiring DeHive Clusters, staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining.

  • Fundamental Cluster features that include assembling and disassembling a Cluster.
  • DHV solo staking in the Polygon ecosystem.
  • ETH Cluster (ETH-CORE) and Polygon Cluster (Polycluster) with the staking and yield farming strategies enabled.
  • LP tokens staking on Quickswap.
  • Liquidity pool on QuickSwap.
  • Initiated switch between Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

“We believe that crypto trading must be available to anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge and skills. That’s why we’ve created DeHive, an easy-to-use yet efficient portfolio management platform that allows you to get the most out of different DeFi assets. There’s still a long way to go to bring all our ideas to life, but the DeHive platform V1 is a great start, which we hope will also be appreciated by our community,”Sergey Onyshchenko , DeHive CEO

About DeHive

DeHive is a multi-chain asset management protocol that creates and optimizes reliable sets of tokenized assets with efficient yield farming strategies. Their platform allows users to control a decentralized and diversified portfolio of crypto assets through a simple unified interface.

The DeHive protocol is built and fully maintained by the Blaize team of blockchain experts. Blaize is a software development company with more than 4 years of experience in crypto technology and blockchain solution development.

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