Dr. Pamela Gurley Announces Multilingual Editions of Her Children’s Books Brown GIRL, Be Social and Brown BOY, Be Social

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2021 / Professional author and speaker, Dr. Pamela Gurley, announces the multilingual releases of her hit books Brown GIRL, Be Social and Brown BOY, Be Social. Available in both Spanish and French, Brown GIRL and Brown BOY focus on teaching young readers important life lessons about social differences, acceptance, and self-love. While the books have already proved to be popular amongst English audiences, Dr. Gurley hopes to break the language barrier so readers worldwide can enjoy.

Dr. Gurley is the first independent, self-published children’s book author to release her children’s books series in multiple languages. She understands the significance of reaching out to a global audience. “In order to capture representation to the fullest, you have to extend beyond the boundaries created by color and language barriers for brown boys and girls everywhere,” said Dr. Gurley. With her drive to expand representation to an international audience, Dr. Gurley plans to break down literary barriers and create a global community where everyone can be comfortable in their own skin. “When discussions of representation come up, I think it is important to extend those discussions beyond the basis of skin color and open doors to other languages that have just as many Black and Brown children.”

Dr. Pamela Gurley is a retired United States Army Veteran, who holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Health Service Administration, and a Doctorate in Management. As the CEO and founder of numerous companies that focus on unapologetic living and advocacy for others, Dr. Gurley has a notable past in providing motivation and empowerment through her creative writings, speaking engagements, and media platforms. As a woman of color, Dr. Gurley also believes in the importance of representation, which is a significant element in the Brown Girl and Brown Boy series. “Representation is not just about color. It is also about culturally setting a standard of excellence for our children,” says Dr. Gurley. She feels it is important for children to identify with the characters to aid in their mental, emotional, and physical development. Children will also be able to see and connect with representations not often depicted in books.

New additions to the Brown GIRL and Brown BOY series’ will be released quarterly through 2022 and 2023. Dr. Gurley plans to subsequently release her books in other languages to continue reaching an even wider audience around the world. This revolutionary book franchise is set to redefine the representation of self-worth, self-awareness, individual attitudes, mindfulness, and friendship for many children. For more information on the Brown Girl and Brown Boy series, please visit www.iamdrpgurley.com

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SOURCE: Dr. Pamela Gurley

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