Elevation Energy Group Announces Name Change to CarbonBetter

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#carbonfootprint–Elevation Energy Group today announced the company is changing its name to CarbonBetter, effective immediately, to better reflect the addition of a decarbonization consulting practice. CarbonBetter, a privately held energy logistics firm with expertise in oil and gas trading and marketing, will help organizations transition to a net-zero emissions future—a rapidly accelerating shift that will transform companies of all sizes and types.

“We understand these challenges because we’ve lived them ourselves as a trusted energy logistics partner. Our experience in the status quo informs our strategies in the transition to the net-zero economy,” said CarbonBetter founder and president, Tri Vo. “Our approach is pragmatic, we believe in progress over perfection. It’s not about doing everything—it’s about doing something, and we know how to start and when to scale.”

While continuing to expand their energy logistics practice, CarbonBetter is now also working with companies from all industries to assess their environmental impacts, reduce and offset their carbon footprint, generate traceable sustainability reports, and then certify their progress. They guide firms that generate clean energy, develop carbon capture and sequestration projects, and advance carbon capture and storage technologies, to market their credits and maximize their impact and returns.

“Our process is accessible because the challenge is daunting. Simply put, we offer our clients the tools to do better. Because when one company makes a move in the right direction, others will too—and all these incremental changes add up to massive shifts. Together, step by step, we’re building a movement, and the name change to CarbonBetter reflects our belief that what’s good for the planet is good for business,” said Vo.

About CarbonBetter

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CarbonBetter is a privately held firm that specializes in energy logistics, sustainability and decarbonization services, and clean energy and carbon offset project consulting. As a certified minority-owned enterprise, CarbonBetter charts a clear path for every organization to drive meaningful change in the transition to a net-zero economy—accelerating the societal shifts that will save our planet. http://www.carbonbetter.com


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