Entrepreneur Michael Luckhoo Is Spotlighted in Online Interview Where He Discusses His Latest Professional Endeavours

MISSISSAUGA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2021 / Seasoned entrepreneur and business professional Michael Luckhoo was recently featured in an exclusive one-on-one interview to discuss his latest venture, the Cirus Foundation. As an advocate and spokesperson for cryptocurrency, Michael is looking to educate individuals on the benefits of decentralized technology. With a strong interest in social welfare, his goal is to help bring cryptocurrency to emerging markets.

‘In third world countries, we’ve not been able to get people into the financial system because of various debilitating factors and a lack of financial inclusion. It excites me knowing I can help someone achieve financial independence. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will help us open a door for opportunity.’

Throughout the interview, Michael also speaks on his work ethic and how he brings ideas to life. As someone with years of professional experience, he also provides some advice for those just entering the business world:

I think that a lot of times we’ve been taught that hard work and consistent work will always pay off, but I don’t think that’s the full equation. If I were to say there was actually an equation, I think it would be work times iteration would equal success. So keep iterating, keep evolving, and keep changing and innovating.’

As a self-motivated individual, Michael has also found ways to navigate failure and encourages individuals to remain consistent in their efforts. He also goes on to discuss strategies that enhance his productivity and highlights several industry trends.

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About Michael Luckhoo

Michael Luckhoo is a successful entrepreneur and business professional based out of Mississauga, Ontario. After obtaining a post-secondary degree from Western University, Michael Luckhoo spent twelve years working in the aviation industry before setting his sights on the business landscape. Since 2017, Michael has been focused on decentralized digital assets including cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Michael’s primary objective is to usher in a new wave of consumer interaction with blockchain.

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Michael Luckhoo
Email: mluckhoo@gmail.com

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