Ethics Complaint Filed Against Washington Companies Attorney

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug 20, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Bar complaint about ethics violation against attorney Mr Johnathon Hammond of the law firm Bohrnsen Stocker Smith Luciani Adamson PLLC of Spokane, WA was filled on May 6, 2021, with the Washington State Bar Association. An added complaint was filed to the original complaint on June 7, 2020, of aiding and abetting his client in the spoliation of evidence.

The bar complaint filing is in part due to Mr Hammond’s ongoing characterization of fraud toward the actions of Mitchell “Moe” Truman regarding a federal court case in the Western District of Washington at Tacoma. In a multiple-year lawsuit, attorney Hammond has repeatedly called Mr Truman a fraud with no supporting facts to support his views. Instead, Mr Hammond seems to want the facts of the case presented only in a way that supports a self-retention insurance program, Mr Hammond contends it is fraud. Additionally, Mr Hammond asserts fraud was committed by Mr Truman in running under another companies DOT number. A self-retention insurance program is when a company insures itself against losses. Another example of fraud asserted by Mr Hammond is a company with no tax return. Mr Hammond exacerbates about how ETON must have a tax return, rather than accepting the fact ETON has several a dormant company which has no income, is not operating, and therefore files no tax returns.

The added complaint is the circumstantial evidence that Mr Hammond may have engaged in perpetuating a spoliation action towards the federal court. There is missing, destroyed, or lost evidence that is important to this case regarding the discussion between two persons on how the equipment was to be loaded onto a flatbed truck that went on to destroy a bridge in the State of Washington. Mr Hammond has two clients, Modern Machinery and one of Modern Machinery’s employees, Mr Tyler Piles. The two clients offer substantial testimony on the matter of a missing, lost, or destroyed accident report. Mr Piles testified he wrote and then handed an accident report to his Modern Machinery supervisor. After the accident, the Modern Machinery supervisor prepared his accident report which he had Mr Piles then post-dated and signed a new accident report. The original accident report is missing, lost, or has been destroyed. There is a good body of evidence that points to spoliation of the evidence. Mr Hammond knows of this spoilation of evidence by one of his clients and still has chosen to represent Modern Machinery in his client’s potential deception action on the court. Several attorneys were asked what would an ethical attorney do under this circumstance of the missing document and the vast majority stated they would drop out of the case for ethical reasons.

About Mr Hammond
As an attorney and agent of the court, Mr Hammond is held to a higher standard of action, use of language, and inferences preservation of evidence. The suit Mr Hammond is engaged in on behalf of Modern Machinery is due to an unfortunate and highly preventable accident caused by Modern Machinery and its personnel. The incident was the loading for shipment of over-height equipment. Once it left the Modern Machinery facility it destroyed a freeway overpass in the State of Washington.

About ETON
A Las Vegas-based premier transportation company serving the Western United States with equipment, professional drivers, and superior on-time service.

About The Washington Companies
A group of privately held companies headquartered throughout the United States and western Canada and conducting business internationally, whose purpose is to reliably provide equipment, technology, service, and special expertise that aids customers to operate more efficiently and more profitably. The Washington Companies’ affiliation gives it the ability to interconnect and combine resources and remain highly competitive. The individual success of each company also empowers a strong sense of social responsibility, realized through corporate charitable activities and programs funded by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.

About Modern Machinery
Part of a large consortium of privately held companies collectively known as the Washington Companies, owned by billionaire Dennis R. Washington. Modern Machinery sells and rents high-quality heavy equipment and provides product support to the construction, mining, and forestry industries. The Modern Machinery terminal in Rochester, WA is home to a large staging area for a variety of Komatsu products brought from overseas awaiting shipment to other Komatsu dealers.

About Komatsu America Corp
A U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., (OTCMKTS: KMTUY) the world’s second-largest manufacturer and supplier of earth-moving equipment, consisting of construction, mining, and compact construction equipment.

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