E*TRADE Earns a Top Robo-Advisor Ranking From Barron’s & Backend Benchmarking

E*TRADE stands as the only large-scale, full-service brokerage within the top three

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–E*TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC today announced it ranked in the top three best robo-advisors in the annual ranking by Barron’s and Backend Benchmarking1. E*TRADE Core Portfolios also scored the highest among large-scale, full-service online brokers. With over one in four retail investors (26%) noting robo-advisors are helpful when investing for the long-term, according to E*TRADE’s tracking study of experienced investors2, Core Portfolios offers a no frills, easy-to-understand managed account to help any investor kickstart their investing career.

“Core Portfolios is indicative of the move toward more personalization. It creates an allocation based on a customer’s risk and return profile, but it offers options around the investments,” notes the review. “Backend Benchmarking gives E*TRADE’s robo credit for offering ‘quite a bit of value’ in light of its relatively low account minimum of $500 and below-average management fee of 0.3%.”

Core Portfolios highlights from the review include:

  • Customization features: A straightforward risk assessment matches investors with a personalized portfolio based on factors like investment objectives and time horizon. They can choose to select more or less risk once it’s complete. Investors can also add smart beta and socially responsible customizations.
  • Low minimum and fees: Investors can get started with $500 and pay only 0.30% annually, putting more of their money to work.
  • Digital-first experience: Core Portfolios accounts are fully integrated into the E*TRADE experience, so customers can see their entire financial investment picture. Customers can seamlessly manage self-directed and managed accounts in one spot.

“While investing in stocks has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic, there are investors embarking on their investing journeys who are looking for a bit more guidance,” said Deniz Ozgenc, Executive Director of Financial Product Management at E*TRADE Financial. “Core Portfolios delivers just that in a way where you don’t need a degree in finance to feel confident you’re on the right track. And with the barriers of entry lower than ever before, investors can build a customized, managed portfolio with a relatively small initial investment and for a low advisory fee.”

Core Portfolios serves as an easy-to-understand, low-cost solution for investors as part of the E*TRADE and Morgan Stanley suite of financial services offerings, which includes everything from DIY trading and investing tools, to digitally-enabled managed accounts, to seasoned financial advisors who can help with complex needs. Within the context of this product suite, clients have direct access to a Morgan Stanley solution for each stage of their lives.

Visit the Core Portfolios page to learn more.

E*TRADE aims to enhance the financial independence of traders and investors through a powerful digital offering and professional guidance. To learn more about E*TRADE’s trading and investing platforms and tools, visit etrade.com.

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  1. The Best Robo-Advisors Right Now: Barron’s Ranking and Backend Benchmarking Robo Ranking. BackEndB.com, LLC is not affiliated with E*TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC or the E*TRADE Financial family of companies.
  2. E*TRADE’s StreetWise survey was conducted from July 1 to July 9 of 2021, among an online US sample of 898 self-directed active investors who manage at least $10,000 in an online brokerage account. The survey has a margin of error of ±3.20 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. It was fielded and administered by Dynata. The panel is broken into thirds of active (trade more than once a week), swing (trade less than once a week but more than once a month), and passive (trade less than once a month). The panel is 60% male and 40% female, with an even distribution across online brokerages, geographic regions, and age bands.

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