Falcon Motor Group Rising to Elite Circles of Exotic Car Dealership

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2021 / Exotic cars are a far cry from an easy sell, but the Falcon Motor Group seems to have a knack for picking up sales as if they were putting up a yard sale. Despite being one of the youngest companies in the high-end car dealership market, the company has risen to elite levels in record time and continues to grow.

With the way things are going for Falcon Motor, it looks like it will be closing its books with a new record of over $25 million in revenue before the end of 2021. The past few months have been nothing short of legendary in car business terms for the company. Accordingly, it now sits in a new location at the heart of the Orlando exotic car dealership area, five minutes away from all the big stores that carry brands like Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, and other high variant automobiles.

Much of Falcon Motor Group’s success has come through its highly effective social media strategies that have helped build out a stable and quickly growing leads base, which gets funneled into its high-converting client portal. Moreover, Falcon Motor Group has also become a digital brand with high recall and awareness, especially in Central Florida. As a result, most exotic car lovers now know the name and associate it readily with a top-tier independent exotic car dealer. Currently, the dealership carries most brands that car collectors love.

The company’s founder, Victor Falcon, is only twenty-eight years old. But what he lacks in terms of years in the industry, he more than makes up for in work ethic and customer service. For the most part, Falcon Motor Group operates in all American time zones. The team takes calls no matter what time, regardless of how early or late it might be in the day. Accordingly, customers have flocked to the dealer given that they can reach them at any point they are available, as opposed to most dealers who will only come back to you when they are available.

Despite the competitive nature of the exotic car dealership market in the East Coast area, Falcon Motor Group believes in the power of collaboration, working and serving even their competitors.

“A big part of our success has been building relationships with other dealers where we help each other out,” explains Victor. “Some dealers are afraid to do so because they see other people as competition. At the end of the day, there’s always competition. So we make those relationships without fear.”

In the coming years, Falcon Motor Group hopes to expand its operations even more. It’s currently looking towards closing a deal with a franchise store that would suit its current business model. The team is currently starting to study the market for private jet charters and could be entering that space soon. Falcon Motor Group remains hungry and aggressive despite all these milestones, maintaining its core competence by staying creative and fresh in as many ways possible.

Company: Falcon Motor Group
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