How LIFEGUARD Is Aiding With COVID Safety

WOODMERE, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic has shown which companies are willing to step up to the plate and provide assistance. LIFEGUARD, a business founded by Steven Odzer, is one of those companies.

LIFEGUARD is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and a long list of additional PPE supplies. Before the pandemic, LIFEGUARD’s essential safety and sanitation products were only available in limited parts of the country. These operations have been expanded during this time of need to reach businesses around the country.

“As a company, we have always been committed to protecting communities and families,” Steven Odzer said. “This pandemic has proven to be one of the most trying times in recent history for this country, so we stepped up to do what we do best, protect homes with top-quality sanitation supplies, medical masks, disposable gloves, and more.”

LIFEGUARD provides a range of PPE supplies, which are designed to provide safe, clean, and virus-free homes, workplaces, venues, and more. Products created by this company have continuously been proven to stand apart from the rest. LIFEGUARD is known for providing the highest-quality disinfectant products and virus protection monitoring and testing. The company prides itself on being a one-stop shop for restaurant, paper, and janitorial supplies.

“Our goal during this pandemic was to ensure every business received the sanitation supplies they needed to stay afloat,” Steven Odzer said. “We upped our production, broadened our distribution, and worked tirelessly to help everyone fight this virus.”

The company created multiple saving options and sponsorship offers to allow businesses to sanitize affordably. The pandemic has been detrimental to many businesses, including retail shops and restaurants, so LIFEGUARD set out to make these products as affordable as possible for everyone in need. From commercial businesses to individual households, LIFEGUARD has developed a positive reputation for top-quality products and unwavering reliability.

The most common safety items sold by LIFEGUARD right now are hand sanitizer, antibacterial disinfectant wipes, face shields, protective masks, and disposable gloves. LIFEGUARD hand sanitizing products have been proven to kill more than 99.9 percent of bacteria in germs in 15 seconds or less. This product also has a shelf life of more than two years, which means you can purchase in bulk at an even more affordable price to keep your business or home stocked.

All of these products are available in varying quantities, from small batches to major bulk. During this pandemic, LIFEGUARD has set out to ensure that even small quantity purchases are available at extremely low prices.

“Even in the heart of the pandemic, when demand was at the highest levels we’ve ever seen, not a single product’s quality was sacrificed,” Steven Odzer said. “Our protective masks are all hypoallergenic, our gloves are 100-percent powder and latex-free, and our wipes are made with aloe extract and plant-based alcohol. We were not just able to supply products during a time of extreme need; we were able to supply the highest-quality products in the industry.”

These levels of quality have been developed over three decades. The company holds long and powerful partnerships that have made it possible to manufacture and deliver these products across the country at unbelievably fast rates. While other companies were struggling to fill orders, LIFEGUARD was sending out products faster than ever before. LIFEGUARD was able to optimize distribution strategies and expand operations during this unprecedented time of need.

“Access to PPE supplies was a major problem throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021,” Steven Odzer said. “Entire hospitals were out of safety supplies, like face masks and gloves. This major global increase in demand completely stripped supplies, so we had no choice but to manufacture more products and get them out to the public as quickly as possible.”

Even now, in mid-2021, PPE supplies remain in extremely high demand. Cases of the virus appear to be dropping across the United States and some states have drastically lowered requirements surrounding masks and social distance. However, LIFEGUARD is prepared to continue manufacturing and supplying these products to ensure everyone has them to combat this virus and others.

“We’ve seen a major increase in sanitation awareness among individuals and businesses. We’ve now seen how quickly a virus can spread and how harmful it can be to businesses, communities, and all society,” Steven Odzer said. “We expect sanitation products to remain popular for quite some time, and we’re ready to step up to the challenge.”

The company will remain prepared to take on any challenges regarding a rise in COVID-19 cases and any other health concerns that may become across the country or around the world.

“Our operations have been optimized, and we’re more prepared than ever to help, whatever the future may bring,” Odzer finished. “We feel honored and grateful that we were able to step up during this unprecedented time, and we’re glad individuals, families, and businesses are beginning to experience some relief.”

Steven Odzer concluded by reiterating the importance of assisting others whenever possible. As a long-time philanthropist, he views this pandemic as another time he was called to be of service, and he would like to thank all the others who helped his businesses make the changes needed to get these products out to the public as quickly as possible.

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