iA Reveals NEXiA – iA’s Enterprise Software Platform Specifically Developed for Intelligent Prescription Fulfillment for Pharmacy Providers.

NEXiA is the foundation of iA’s automated pharmacy fulfillment solution, intelligently managing prescription fulfillment across pharmacies of various volumes and market segments while ensuring prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.

INDIANAPOLIS & JOHNSON CITY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#pharmacyautomation–iA, a provider of software-enabled pharmacy fulfillment and automation solutions, today announced the launch of NEXiA, iA’s Enterprise Pharmacy Fulfillment Software Platform. NEXiA is the foundation of iA’s automated fulfillment solution, connecting many aspects of the prescription fulfillment process – from prescription acceptance at the pharmacy to delivery across many different touch points. NEXiA manages prescription fulfillment, while continuously processing prescription orders in real time, evaluating constraints and preparing orders to ensure prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency. NEXiA can also assist pharmacy providers in identifying their optimal fulfillment strategy, while enabling them to lower inventory storage needs within the pharmacy based on prescriptions being filled centrally.

“With the rise in digital adoption and healthcare consumerization, patients’ expectations have evolved requiring pharmacies to adopt a more flexible fulfillment model,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO, iA. “Today, pharmacies can step into the next era of pharmacy and work with iA to take advantage of NEXiA to improve patient choice and transform how prescriptions are fulfilled from the from the moment the pharmacy first receives it. This is key to how we are helping unleash the full potential of pharmacy.”

NEXiA, built on 25 years of experience and formerly known as PharmASSIST Symphony, has transformed from managing automation to becoming the intelligent fulfillment management system of pharmacy fulfillment. Operationally, NEXiA can manage the lifecycle from the moment the pharmacy first receives it until the time it reaches a customer, resulting in flexible fulfillment for pharmacy providers. In order to manage the prescription fulfillment lifecycle, NEXiA is powered by a highly configurable workflow platform which integrates many upstream pharmacy management systems. The NEXiA platform offers extensive versatility to connect with either iA hardware or 3rd party automation hardware to enable many fulfillment solutions. NEXiA enables an omnichannel pharmacy experience through flexible fulfillment by intelligently adjusting workflow for optimal speed and helps maximize efficiency of prescription fulfillment. NEXiA monitors inventory levels, adjusts workload and preparing inventory to help optimize throughput while continuously collecting data throughout the fulfillment process, around inventory management, tracking, and ordering, providing actionable insights.

“NEXiA is really the technology foundation of iA’s entire pharmacy fulfillment solution,” added Thomas Utech, Chief Strategy Officer, iA. “NEXiA dynamically connects automation, people, and processes to help optimize prescription fulfillment, while focusing on safety, quality, and accurate fulfillment, allowing pharmacists to have the time they need to practice at the level they were trained to do.”

About iA

iA is a leading-edge provider of software enabled pharmacy fulfillment solutions. With over 25 years in pharmacy fulfillment, iA has invented and developed a suite of software driven pharmacy automation solutions. From NEXiA software, to automated modular hardware and sophisticated counting and collation devices, iA pharmacy automation solutions and technology are empowering pharmacists and unleashing the full potential of pharmacy. iA can run the prescription fulfillment process from end-to-end, helping pharmacies manage fulfillment and inventory to help lower costs, improve efficiency, and provide comprehensive Rx tracking and real-time support. For high volume centralized fulfillment or pharmacy operations — iA can help customers transform their pharmacy. For more information, visit www.iARx.com.


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