Inspur Surges To #1 in Enterprise SSD Storage Performance, Topping Huawei and Fujitsu

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DistributedStorage–Inspur, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, announced today that it has won the Storage Performance Council’s (SPC) highest ranking with its premium flash storage system, HF18000G5. Delivering unparalleled performance for servers, Inspur’s HF18000G5 solid state array took first place with over 23 million Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) – nearly 10% higher than the second-place player, and more than twice the performance of third- and fourth-ranked storage solutions.

The HF18000G5 combines incredible I/O speeds with enterprise reliability and resiliency, using all-flash NVMe to achieve 99.99999% (“six nines”) uptime for true 24/7 business continuity. Designed to support mission critical applications in the cloud computing era, it enables intelligent cloud tiering and intelligent data reduction of 5:1 – reducing storage costs for customers – while allowing public, hybrid, and private clouds to interact.

Leading the industry in a respected benchmark

The Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 Benchmark is one of the most influential international performance evaluation tests in the storage industry. In addition to evaluating standard metrics such as repetitive tasks and durability, SPC-1 includes quantitative evaluations of a storage system’s ability to handle complex requests and large-scale data.

Respected global storage vendors including Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, and Inspur participate in SPC-1 tests. The results are important in helping enterprises select storage, which is a critical element in enabling cloud and on-premises servers to manage constantly growing volumes of data without interruption or loss.

Inspur advances in both the storage industry and breakthrough capabilities

Inspur Storage set the world record for enterprise storage I/O performance, and has been recognized by Gartner for global top five market sales volume, making Inspur the world’s most strong storage vendor. Already deployed at large scale, including the world’s largest SAP HANA data warehouse and the world’s largest network billing business, Inspur’s product performance, reliability, and resiliency are now leading the industry.

This year, Inspur set three new global records for the SPC-1 Benchmark test, including single-controller performance of 720,000 IOPS, overall performance exceeding 23 million IOPS across 32 controllers, and a response time of only 0.294ms. Beyond the nearly 10% leap in overall performance, these numbers represent 20% less response time and 10% higher single controller performance than the second place on the list. For Inspur’s complete SPC-1 Benchmark results, please refer to:

This is the sixth time that Inspur has set SPC performance record. In 2018, Inspur achieved a record for 8-controller storage system with over 1.5 million IOPS, and in 2020, it set new records in 8-controller, 16-controller, and Price –Performance benchmark. Inspur also achieved record results in the field of distributed storage in June 2021, and continues to set records ranging from centralized all-flash solutions to distributed all-flash solutions and overall performance benchmarks.

These world records are the result of Inspur’s advanced research and development in the state-of-the-art storage system hardware and software architecture. Inspur is one of only two storage vendors in the world offering 32-controller high-end storage system, which uses a shared global cache and high speed interconnect to deliver stronger performance. Additionally, Inspur’s newly developed iTurbo 2.0 Intelligent Acceleration Engine optimizes storage using dozens of performance optimization algorithms, including smart IO balancing, smart resource scheduling, and smart metadata management. It builds up an intelligent tiered storage resource pool composed of 96 Optane and 480 NVMe SSDs. iTurbo 2.0 maximizes palletization of IO processing and distributes workloads evenly across all storage nodes, yet with the lowest latency and record overall storage system performance in the industry.

According to IDC forecasts, 65% of global GDP in 2022 will be driven by digitization. Enterprise digital transformations are being driven by the efficiency of data mining and utilization, and SSD performance is becoming a core factor in enterprise storage selection. As a rising star in the global storage market, Inspur Storage will continue to develop innovative centralized and distributed all-flash storage technologies that enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformations.

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