Overcoming Entrepreneurial Roadblocks in 2021 from Dee Agarwal

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / Building a successful career as an entrepreneur often poses its own set of unique challenges. Under average circumstances, the path of an entrepreneur can be trying, wrought with sharp turns and obstacles that can discourage even the savviest business person. The past year has been far from average, with unforeseen global events reshaping the way businesses and consumers interact and function, adding an extra layer of uncertainty for new market entrants.

“Starting and operating a successful business has less to do with founders’ expertise or industry knowledge than many people assume,” explains Deepak “Dee” Agarwal. “The ability to take a concept and operationalize it into a sustainable, profitable business involves a set of routines and behaviors, and these are especially important in today’s business environment. For 2021 and beyond, discipline and resilience will be the biggest combatants of uncertainty.”

Dee Agarwal, a well-known entrepreneur, and C-suite executive of multiple successful businesses, notably NoMoreRack.com, a prominent online retailer, has spent his entire business career witnessing and experiencing the ins and outs of what makes an entrepreneur successful.

Deepak Agarwal notes, ‘There are many different paths that may lead to a successful career in entrepreneurship, and while I cannot prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach, I can share my experience and the foundational building blocks of my career. I think these behaviors and pillars are especially applicable in today’s world, in terms of the challenges that modern entrepreneurs will face.’

Unfaltering Commitment

‘If you’re building a business from square one, you must stay devoted to your purpose and vision and trust your instincts,” says Dee Agarwal. “Establish your business mission as your North Star, and allow it to guide you through choppy waters.’

Most successful businesses will face their fair share of setbacks, but you must never let your determination wane. When you fail as an entrepreneur, don’t consider this a dead-end; instead, take a pause to analyze why you failed, assess the damage, find a solution, and most importantly, keep moving forward.

Embrace the Uncertainty

As an entrepreneur, especially in the world we live in today, you must learn to accept the idea that uncertainty will be a part of your daily routine. ‘Managing uncertainty is the first step as an early-stage entrepreneur,’ says Dee Agarwal, ‘ you must cultivate the ability to thrive in ambiguity”

A good place to start is to practice mindfulness and resilience in the face of uncertainty, as well as remaining attentive and nimble enough to adjust to shifting tides.

“Preparation is a superpower that all entrepreneurs should be equipped with in order to succeed,” says Dee Agarwal.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

While you may eventually find yourself in the luxurious corner office shaking hands and signing papers, there is a fair amount of “less glamorous” work that goes into achieving that level of success.

Deepak Agarwal tells us that ‘you never know what you’ll have to throw yourself into on any given day” as an entrepreneur. You must cultivate and value a mindset in which no task is too menial for you. Learning the abilities that other members of your organization use on a daily basis is not only useful if you need to step in for someone, but it also boosts team morale by demonstrating to your colleagues and employees that you value their contributions to the company’s overall success.

Put People First

Interpersonal skills are critical if you want to be a successful business, and today’s social climate demands this of entrepreneurs more than any other time in history. When faced with a challenge, always put people first.

“The world we live in necessitates innate respect for others and consideration for their wellbeing, be it your coworkers, business partners, or customers,” explains Dee Agarwal. “A good entrepreneur understands people’s motivations and mind, but a great entrepreneur strives to know people’s hearts, not in order to manipulate them, but simply because they care about people and their experience with the company.”

In conversations with coworkers and colleagues, make an effort to ask meaningful questions and extend talks by elaborating on other people’s responses. It is important to get to know people on a different level as opposed to small talk in the breakroom. You’ll quickly gain the trust and confidence of your colleagues, and the value of this cannot be overstated.

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