RETRANSMISSION Reggie Selden Launches Online Course to Teach Others How to Start a Six-Figure Business in Property Preservation

The course aims to help others get involved in the growing preservation industry.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 24, 2021 / Reggie Selden, a 14-year property preservation veteran, is excited to announce the launch of his new online course, “Property Preservation Business Blueprint.”

Selden hopes the class will serve as a guide and an inspiration for others looking to get involved in property preservation.

“I started out cutting grass. I had one SUV and one push mower, and I was able to turn that first work order into a multi-million dollar business,” he said.”

Selden says although his journey led him to success, he didn’t have much help or guidance along the way.

“Some of these things I did not know, he said. “It took me a long time to pick the right clients to be profitable. When I started out, I was a sub to a sub to a subcontractor. I help people who take my class avoid these pitfalls and become profitable a lot sooner than I was.”

By offering his expert advice and guidance, Selden hopes others won’t feel alone in their quest to start a property preservation business.

“It’s a super niche industry which can be isolating at times,” he said. “But, I want to show people that I’m a regular guy, and if I can start a business and work at it every day, they will believe they can too. There’s more than enough money in this industry to go around.”

The course covers equipment needed to start a property preservation business, who to contact to find government jobs, and how to apply for them.

Selden also introduces five core skill sets needed to be successful in the industry.

“No one that’s made over $1 million in this industry is willing to teach this information – they don’t want to teach it. Not a lot of people have walked in my shoes as a boots-on-the-ground contractor. Not a lot of guys are willing to teach. Basically, none are. And, not a lot have the experience I have in this industry. Right now, I have 30 documented people who have worked for me and went on to start their own business. At least five six-figure earners – all from people doing work for me and me teaching them what property preservation is.”

Property preservation is pre-foreclosure work that goes into preserving a house before the bank takes over. For example, house painting, landscaping, and roofing are all services the government may need to maintain these properties. The industry does not require much overhead to get started other than a work truck or van and some tools and can produce an incredible return on investment.

“You have to have your packet put together tightly. Because everyone wants to work for the bank, some will give a quiz, so it’s vital to be prepared,” Selden explained. “If you don’t know what proper preservation is or you don’t know how to perform a winterization, you won’t move on to the next step.”

Reggie Selden runs a multi-million dollar business, but he started at the very bottom. Now he wants to show people how to avoid some of the early mistakes he made and become successful business owner.

“I want to provide the possibility of a better future for the everyday man. I know that a lot of people in construction and other physical labor industries strive to make more money and become business owners and I want to be the man to show them the way. It is possible! You don’t need an expensive college degree and years of business experience to become a profitable business owner. You can use your handyman and technical skills combined with the industry knowledge I will teach you to become a profitable and successful entrepreneur!”

If you’re interested in signing up for the class, click here.

About Property Preservation Business Blueprint

Property Preservation Business Blueprint is an online course designed by industry leader Reggie Selden. In this course, people find out how to start their own property preservation businesses and what tools they need to be successful along the way.


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