Riot Rewards | Burning Tokens and Generating Proportionate Rewards for Users in BNB

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2021 / Riot Rewards will start its fair launch early next week, followed by a formal launch. As a Defi platform, Riot Rewards shares BNB with the token holders helping them generate passive income. The platform is designed and developed by crypto enthusiasts with a motive to help the community earn bigger rewards and giveaways collectively and safely. With initial liquidity locked, Riot Rewards establishes a safe ground for the community protecting everyone from rug pulls.

Community-Oriented Features

Riot Rewards offer a way to earn passive income from a platform integrated with an anti-dump mechanism and complete SAFU. The platform is an open, and transparent mechanism to protect the users and their investments. Furthermore, it is embedded with antibot measures preventing any program from making transactions on the platform.

For better exposure, the developers are fast-tracking listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap along with getting a formal audit from Dessert Finance. The initial liquidity is locked on DxSale, and the onus of increasing this is on the community.

Every buy transaction invites 8% in taxes that are shared with the holders in the form of rewards. 4.5% of the transaction amount is redirected for marketing, 2% is sent to the liquidity pool, and 0.5% is sent into the Riot Rewards pool.

For every sell transaction, the users have to bear a 12% cut that will be sent as rewards. The rest of the cuts are similar to the ones in the buy transaction. 20% of the supply will be burned at the launch, and the rest of the periodic burns will happen at predetermined milestones.

Post-launch, the $Riots holders can also play a game (more will come subsequently) and receive rewards for playing. These rewards will come from the 0.5% tax collected via the Buy/Sell transactions.

High Earning Rewards

Riot Rewards bring benefits to the users holding the $Riots token. A higher wallet balance means higher rewards. The users are rewarded in BNB tokens against their hodling of $Riots tokens, bringing them directly into the mainstream platforms of the crypto space.

The rewards for holding the $Riots tokens are automatically sent to the user’s wallet, and the amount is proportional to the balance. Every three hours, the users get rewarded.

These automatic rewards transactions will be delayed in two cases. One when the purchase amount of $Riots tokens is substantially more than the initial balance. Second, when a user sells the entire wallet balance and buys back in, in this case, too, the reward distribution will be delayed.

Another form of rewards the users can receive is in the form of giveaways which include high-end gadgets including iPhone 12 Pro Mx, PlayStation 5, and a Nintendo Switch.

About Riot Rewards

Riot Rewards is a benefits-focused platform helping the community earn passive income automatically in the form of BNB by holding $Riots tokens. As a Defi project, the token supply will undergo an initial burn transaction during the launch, causing a decrease in supply. The users on the platform will receive automatic rewards in the form of BNB after every 3 hours.

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