Solo-Dex CEO Steven C. Eror Says Covid-19 Shows Value of Regional Anesthesia

Full Article Published in August issue of OR Manager

WOLF CREEK, MT / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2021 / Solo-Dex, a developer and distributor of medical catheters, announces that its CEO Steven C. Eror says that Covid-19 has put a spotlight on the value of regional anesthesia. His article, “COVID-19 Driving the Move to Regional Anesthesia,” appears in full in the August issue of OR Manager.

Mr. Eror observes, “Regional anesthesia has always made sense, but with the need to reduce exposure to COVID-19, it is here to stay. The benefits include reduced anesthesia risk, higher patient satisfaction, lower costs, reduced exposure to COVID-19, and reduced or eliminated oral narcotics.”

He notes that one of the main problems with general anesthesia in the age of Covid-19 is intubation and extubation. “Studies show that manipulating the airway by inserting and removing a breathing tube or laryngeal mask, as is required for general anesthesia, produces viral particles that could spread COVID19 to OR staff. According to one UK study, 3% of OR staff became infected with COVID-19 when exposed to an infected patient,” Mr. Eror wrote.

Regional anesthesia has also grown easier in recent years with new technologies. “The arrival of ultrasound visualization, along with precision catheter placement of an over-the needle continuous use device, can achieve numbness in the desired area in less than 5 minutes with the same ease of motion as standard single-injection nerve blocks.”

Some analysts project that the use of regional anesthesia may increase as much as 10-fold within the next decade with the introduction of devices that are as easy to place as a routine injection.

Solo-Dex is a developer and distributor of medical catheters, founded by leading anesthesiologists to reduce the cost and risk associated with general anesthesia by improving surgical patient recovery times, reducing medical personnel exposure to Covid-19, reducing or eliminating the misuse of opioid-related pain management, and by safely and effectively managing pain before, during and after a procedure. For more information about SOLO-DEX, please log on to

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