SoundCommerce Partners with Google Cloud to Drive Retailer Profits and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

FTD/ProFlowers Aligns Marketing and Operations Decisions with Key Drivers of Profitable Growth

SEATTLE, Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, retail data platform provider SoundCommerce announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to increase profits and customer lifetime value for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and retailers. Effective immediately, SoundCommerce is available for purchase on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

The SoundCommerce data platform drives profitable growth, customer experience and lifetime value across retail systems and channels — from first click to doorstep delivery. Google Cloud customers can now easily adopt this powerful data platform directly from Google Cloud’s platform console, and apply Google Cloud credits.

Online shopping has become an even more crowded and competitive market as the pandemic accelerated ecommerce trends and changed consumer shopping preferences.

“The pressure is on for retailers to provide data-driven experiences for today’s expectant shoppers,” said Carrie Tharp, VP Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to welcome SoundCommerce to the Google Cloud Marketplace and empower retail brands to create shopping experiences that are both personalized and profitable.”

Inherent in the consumer-direct business model are the unpredictable swings in variable revenue and costs across orders and customers. A merchant might acquire a customer at no cost through an organic channel, or for more than $200 through paid social campaigns. Doorstep delivery could be $4 ground shipping through USPS, or $40+ next day air via FedEx. Some shoppers only buy at 40% discounts, and others want the latest and greatest at full price the day of launch. Optimizing all of the variables in real-time and predictively is table stakes for brand survival and success.

The ONLY way that brands instrument for comprehensive, strategic actions and decisions is to adopt modern cloud infrastructure including Google Cloud services. To unlock the value of data, SoundCommerce’s platform is purpose-built for retail with data collectors, models, and tools. SoundCommerce does the heavy lifting and provides brands with a solid data foundation so they can focus on doing what they do best: building lasting, loyal, and profitable relationships with shoppers.

At FTD/ProFlowers, CTO Matt Powell leverages SoundCommerce and Google Cloud to unify goals and optimize the business across systems, functions, partners, and geographies.

“It’s been our mission to build deeper and more meaningful connections with our consumers, and that is even more important now,” said Matt Powell, chief technology officer at FTD. “We’ve been undergoing a tremendous digital transformation since before the pandemic. Data is critical to our success, and our partnership with SoundCommerce on Google Cloud is a vital component to our ongoing strategy.”

SoundCommerce offers application suites tailored to the needs of retail brand “front office” CMOs and Chief Merchandisers, as well as “back office” COOs and CFOs. The platform offers multiple modularized options for getting started for a brand’s most critical use cases.

With the SoundCommerce platform, marketers create a single source of truth around every interaction with the customer, to unpack the drivers and detractors of customer lifetime value and profitability. This tailors the journey to each individual customer, providing the best possible experience.

From an operations standpoint, SoundCommerce is the single source of truth around every order event – from the order being placed to how it is routed for fulfillment and ultimately delivered. Understanding this journey every order takes enables operations teams to more effectively optimize key processes and flows, which drive profitability efficiencies and better customer experiences.

“It’s harder than ever to be a DTC brand. Meeting customers where they are is the new expectation, but brands are not set up or resourced to manage this complexity effectively. Every action is a tradeoff between profit and customer experience driving customer lifetime value (CLV),” said Eric Best, CEO at SoundCommerce. “SoundCommerce enables brands to unify their decisioning around profit and CLV across every function, by accelerating their path to a complete, modern cloud data warehouse.”

More information about SoundCommerce and Google Cloud is available here.

About SoundCommerce:

The SoundCommerce data platform drives profitable growth, customer experience and lifetime value across retail systems and channels — from first click to doorstep delivery. SoundCommerce works with retailers’ existing technology stack to transform customer experience across marketing, merchandising, supply, fulfillment, delivery, and customer service. The data platform tracks real-time operational events, profitability and customer lifetime value to drive decisions and actions fundamental to cross-channel and direct-to-consumer success. Founded by Amazon veterans and backed by leading venture capital investors, SoundCommerce is headquartered in Seattle. For more information visit

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