Streamline Innovations, 5 Years After Founding, Solidifies Role in Supporting ESG Initiatives, Bolstering Sustainability for Customers

  • Founded in 2016, the innovative technology company has seen increasing demand from heavy industry for environmental performance solutions
  • Valkyrie™ product line offers the widest operating range of H2S and CO2 treatment for Energy, Renewable Fuels, Wastewater, Landfill Gas, Biogas and Industrial processes

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Streamline Innovations, Inc. (“Streamline”), the leader in environmentally forward treatment solutions for H2S and CO2, today celebrates five years of helping customers improve their environmental performance and sustainability goals. Streamline’s solutions are used by leading companies and municipalities in Energy, Wastewater, Renewable Fuels, Landfill Gas, Biogas, and Industrial processes.

Streamline was founded in 2016 with the core focus of providing H2S treatment solutions. Beginning with a single project in South Texas, Streamline has grown and expanded from its roots in oil and gas to serving renewable fuels and heavy industries globally. Since that time, the company has grown to a team of more than 60 employees.

David Sisk, Streamline’s Co-Founder and CEO said, “This is an exciting time for Streamline, as our core business continues to grow and reach critical mass in Texas and New Mexico, and the company expands into new geographies and market segments. I could not be more proud of the talented and hardworking team we have built at Streamline, and held together through the challenges of 2020.

“We are helping companies and municipalities address their H2S in a cleaner, safer, and more reliable way. Our team has adopted the vision of ‘Eliminating Pollution through Technology,’ and our technology and culture position us to play a significant role in the Energy Transition and global ESG initiatives.”

Valkyrie™ Product Line Expansion

The Valkyrie™, Streamline’s flagship product, uses biodegradable chemistry that converts H2S into agricultural-grade elemental sulfur, which can be used for fertilizer to grow food. Streamline’s solutions are integral to transitioning to a circular economy and improving the sustainability of industry in a cost-effective way.

The core Valkyrie product has evolved into a comprehensive product lineup and offers the widest operational range of H2S treatment capability available today. Significantly, the Valkyrie product line now includes treating of CO2 streams that contain contaminants, an important element for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS).

New Company Website

Streamline launched a new website to reflect the company’s identity, growth, and diversification.

“Our new website better reflects Streamline’s support for our customers to achieve their ESG directives in a cost-effective way, and our commitment to helping heavy industry address air pollution,” said B.G. Clark, Chief Development Officer.

About Streamline Innovations

Streamline Innovation’s vision is Eliminating Pollution Through Technology. We help heavy industry around the world achieve environmental performance objectives, improve sustainability, and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

H2S is present in almost every industrial process in the world. Our technology can be applied across industries, delivering a sustainable solution that eliminates H2S, the leading cause of acid rain, a deadly greenhouse gases dangerous for work and living environments.

Streamline believes that achieving the E (“Environmental”) in ESG requires data. Creating intelligent systems that operate effectively and efficiently without human intervention is critical to reducing emissions that harm the environment. We integrate advanced data collection, process control, and analytics in our technologies to provide a total solution for customers.

We serve organizations in multiple sectors, including Energy/Oil & Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas & Renewable Fuels, Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Air & Water.

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B.G. Clark

Chief Development Officer

Streamline Innovations, Inc.

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