TableSafe Announces PCI P2PE Validation for Hospitality Customers

PCI P2PE Validation Streamlines Security Control and Overall Compliance Efforts for Full-Service Restaurants and Hotels

KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#P2PETableSafe, Inc., a leading innovator of pay-at-the-table technology designed for the hospitality industry, today announced PCI P2PE validation. The addition of PCI P2PE validation makes TableSafe among the first pay-at-the-table solution providers to offer restaurants and hotels a single solution with validated point-to-point encryption.

The P2PE validation program reduces the scope of PCI DSS requirement for compliance by offering merchants an effective option for removing select network assets and tests. The result is a reduction from over 300 security questions to under 30, as assessed on the Self-Assessment Questionnaire P2PE (SAQ-P2PE).

A validated P2PE solution can allow merchants to reduce the recurring annual PCI DSS compliance costs by as much as 65% or more. In addition, P2PE validation will save IT management many hours of time meeting DSS compliance.

“PCI P2PE validation will allow TableSafe customers to save time and money on their overall compliance efforts, while reinforcing the security of guest data,” said Gordon Gardiner, CEO of TableSafe.

The PCI P2PE validation program provides a rigorous assessment of end-to-end encryption by a qualified security assessor. The program validates that cardholder data is protected from the time the card is inserted into the payment terminal through to the merchant processor. No unencrypted cardholder data is ever stored in the TableSafe payment solution. Hospitality providers can rest assured that their customers’ data is secure, and they benefit from a reduction in their PCI DSS scope.

“Not all end-to-end solutions are the same,” Gardiner added. “Only solutions that have been audited and validated to conform to the rigorous scrutiny of the PCI P2PE standard can offer restaurants and hotels the confidence and transparency that customer data is secured.”

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