Why Settle? Revive Existing Spaces to Achieve Your Dream Home With Hargrave Collaborative

LIMA, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2021 / Home is that place where one feels truly free to be themselves, a place where memories are made and ideas are born, where both the mundane and the amazing happen. The places we live, the spaces within them, all play a role in these moments, and loving where you are helps create that feeling of home. For some this feeling is achieved by designing the perfect space from the ground up, for many it may be tweaking a few key areas and yet others may dream of undertaking a more extensive transformation.

Architect Robin Wandersee Hargrave, R.A. co-founder of Hargrave Collaborative has a true passion for preserving houses and enhancing the integrity of existing buildings; while working closely with homeowners to revive, reimagine, and redesign the space they already have into the home of their dreams.

“I think what draws me to existing homes is the traditional character, the craftsmanship that has been put into making them and a chance to revive what is already in existence. Working with like minded clients is rewarding; finding the layout that just feels right is a very personalized process that has a lot of meaning for clients. We seek the problems in order to figure out what they need from their spaces, ” says Robin.

As Robin points out, redesigning a home is an individualized process where her first job is to listen. She sits down with clients to hear what it is they love about their space, what they need from it, what they are not getting, and what they hope for. Often, people state they need an addition, or feel they have conflicting goals; however, she can pull details from their conversation and how they talk about their lifestyle to begin to integrate needs and wants into spaces and rooms. The designer part of her kicks in with ideas of how to enhance the existing structure and improve the quality of life for her clients. People prioritize spaces within a home for different reasons and in different ways; family members may use a given space for different activities. Achieving the dream home for all parties is an exercise that demands active listening and is an integral part of the job Robin does.

“Individuals may use and see space differently, and they may not even realize it. They can have a hard time specifically verbalizing what it is they want to have, but need their home to work differently. My job is to envision the balance between all of the users and a budget, while respecting the existing structure. Finding that answer and not settling for less is the objective. For me, each project is so unique and the teamwork with the homeowners is integral; they are inviting me into their home, sharing how they live and asking me to help them improve something. That is trust!” says Robin.

Robin describes renovations and additions to homes as a form of recycling. While she does design new homes, her true passion is taking something that is already built, and repurposing the space to give it an upgrade, or facelift. Even small changes can transform an established home into what people have always wanted. Every project, whether it is something small like adding a window seat or knocking down a wall or a larger project such as an addition, saving a compromised structure or a major interior renovation, Robin offers options on how to best manipulate the existing to achieve the end goal. Not only is she focused on what clients want and why their home is not working for them, but she also has an understanding of buildings and can point out ways to harmonize with the original home; she offers ideas on how to alter the space and honor the structure that is already there.

Altering an existing house can be tricky and is often an area where architects are not consulted. This can lead to some pricey, and complicated situations. Robin can help owners understand what the structure needs, how any alteration (big or small) is going to affect the overall structure, and how to make alterations and changes without putting that at risk. She is also very upfront with clients about options and how each proposed change is going to impact their budget. Relocating heating and cooling ducts and altering plumbing to eliminate a load-bearing wall are all doable, but if a wider doorway meets the need it could be an option.

Robin has worked as a sole proprietor since 2000. In 2017, she co-founded Hargrave Collaborative with her husband Keith Hargrave P.E., together they have a long and diverse history of designing both commercial and residential projects to benefit their clients. Robin shares that even as a child she was drawn to older houses and buildings, appreciating the history behind them, wanting to explore them to learn more. She graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, and Keith graduated from Clarkson University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in electrical and computer engineering; the two relocated to the Finger Lakes region, in order to work with homeowners across New York State. We approach projects with a collaborative mindset, Robin explains. Each project is an inclusive effort on all sides, she collaborates with clients as well as industry professionals to pull together a team, focused on getting the best result for each and every client.

Learn more on the company website www.hargravecollaborative.com to connect with the team of Robin and Keith Hargrave and learn more about how she can help take the existing bones of a home and transform it into the dream home you have always wanted.


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